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May 12, 2023
Rethink K12 Libraries: Serialize, 3-Digit Deweytize, Genrefy & Customize
July 19, 2023

Read some great picture books

THIS SUMMER, when you find yourself flying solo, open a great book and share it far and wide. Embrace nature, learn a bit about the life of dogs, dive into connections with cousins, experience what it means to swim—even when it means getting over your fear.

Laugh with New Readers

EVERY READERS is such a valuable tool for improving reading. They are created for new, independent readers and it helps student hone their reader muscles when they read, read, read in this category.

Launch into Graphic Novels

GRAPHIC NOVELS are a great category for reluctant readers, especially as they shift from Elementary to Middle School. Curating a great and ever-growing collection of the best of the best Graphic Novels and serializing your call numbers will make your library feel very student-friendly and serves up bonus points for being able to dynamically shelve your reads.

THIS SUMMER, it's super easy to keep kids reading with these great titles. Read in the park. Read together. Read on the go. No matter what, these titles will not disappoint.

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