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Monarch is a unique, K-12 content discovery engine that creates secure and personalized digital search environments for your students & teachers, igniting lifelong learning for generations to come.



Unlock a world of educational possibilities with Monarch, the cutting-edge K-12 digital content discovery engine! Tailored exclusively for forward-thinking teachers, librarians and curriculum directors, Monarch goes beyond conventional search engines to create secure and personalized environments that inspire a passion for learning.

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Monarch+ is the most advanced content discovery search enginecoupled with the most powerful learning analytics tool!

This patented monitoring technology measures all student online reading, learning, and engagement with incredible accuracy, giving you the reading levels, engagement metrics and insights you need to understand the efficiencies of your digital resource investments!

Your students are accessing your digital resources more than ever. Are your resources easily and efficiently discovered? Are your resources being used and producing results?

With a Chrome Extension

Our patented technology measures when students are actually reading and engaged (not just clicking around), accurately calculating the reading level and subject area of every digital resource or webpage.

One click in the browser provides a fully customizable launcher to all school provisioned applications.

Students can also bookmark resources and webpages, highlight sentences and phrases to refer back to, make annotations and study notes, and have words and phrases read aloud to them!

Track Stats

Educators can assign and monitor learning across the web by reading level, subject area, or website. Students get rewarded for learning and engaging in content that interests them.

Instant Insights

Instantly see how learning is being accomplished on all student devices. Educator designed visualizations simplify thousands of data points. Drill down to a specific student by the minute.

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