Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1How long does it take to implement Alexandria from start to finish?
Not long! We work with you to create a successful roll-out plan. It can depend on whether you are starting a new library collection or converting from another ILS.
2Can you transfer data from previous ILS to Alexandria?
Yes. Our team of conversion specialists are there to assist you in moving from your current ILS to Alexandria.
3What barcode symbology does Alexandria use?
Alexandria does not use a proprietary barcode symbology. We work with code three of nine, or commonly referred to as code thirty-nine.
4In what languages is Alexandria available?
Alexandria is available in English, Spanish, and French.
5Does Alexandria offer eBook integration?
Our eBook integrations allow for a seamless transition of your eBook collection. Learn more here
6Who uses Alexandria in my area?
We have references in most locations where Alexandria is used. The chances are high that there is an Alexandria user close to your location. Your sales rep can give you a specific list of these users.
7Does Alexandria work on mobile devices?
Alexandria Librarian is fully functional on iPads and tablets, and Researcher patron interfaces work on tablets and mobile phones.
8What are the benefits of Alexandria's OPAC?
Alexandria Search allows for custom-created searching, creating saved lists, sharing your lists, viewing pertinent information about patron accounts, an abundance of features, and other customizable options.
9What does Alexandria do that other ILS's don't?
Alexandria has tools that allow you to include everyone in your institution. We offer ways to get users in your library excited -- Bulletin Boards, Explore Builder, Slideshow, 24/7/365 Customer Support, and more!
10What kind of collection cleanup services do you offer?
We work with several vendors that can help you clean up records to ensure your cataloging gives your books more exposure.
11Is Alexandria web based?
Alexandria is a fully web-based solution.
12What kind of support does Alexandria offer?
Our industry-leading support team is available 24/7/365.
13What kind of training do you offer?
We offer webinars, on-site training, and tools such as Alexandria U to help users grasp our easy-to-use software.
14Can I create barcode labels?
Yes, Alexandria allows for the creation of custom barcode labels, spine labels, and even patron library cards.
15Is user customization possible?
Alexandria is hands down one of the most customizable ILS systems available, with tools like Explore Builder, Bulletin Boards, and Reports.
16Is there email capacity?
Yes, you can use email to send out overdue notices, receipts, or to simply let patrons know what they have checked out.
17Is Alexandria RDA compliant?
Yes, Alexandria is RDA compliant.

Technical Questions

1What are the hardware requirements?
You can find all the hardware and system requirements here, and additional hardware recommendation for Self-Hosted users here.
2How much maintenance is involved?
Alexandria can be set up as self-hosted or cloud-hosted by COMPanion® Corp. The Cloud-Hosted service offers professional maintenance, immediate updates, as well as secondary and tertiary backups of your data.
3Can I manage multiple sites from the same location?
Yes, we have set-up options that will allow you to manage and maintain multiple sites from one singular location. No more having to drive to each location!
4Does Alexandria have technical support?
We have 24/7/365 support which can help you solve simple or the most difficult problems. You can contact support HERE.
5Which browsers does Alexandria work with?
Alexandria should run on any HTML-5 compatible browser. We suggest you keep your browsers within the two most recent versions. You can find the most recent browser recommendations here.