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August 21, 2015
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Remember book fairs? What an exhilarating day in every kid’s life. Brightly colored books, filled with captivating stories and beautiful illustrations displayed around the room—not to mention any toys or candy for sale!

For me, the book fair was mostly an opportunity to use my parent’s cash for Pop Rocks and Fun Dip. But for some reason, the memories of my school’s book fair still stand out to this day . . . and that’s saying A LOT.

There is something very memorable about physically engaging in a book—no matter how old you are. Whether it’s wandering through a bookstore or the ritualistic ceremony of sitting down by lamplight, sipping tea, and flipping through the freshly printed pages of a new story under your nose.

Yes, there is nothing better than a brand-new book . . . or is there?

With younger generations glomming on to every new wave of technology that floods the market, will e-readers and eBooks make print a thing of the past? In a battle of books, eBooks vs. Print, who wins? Well, let’s find out! Let the battle begin . . .

10 Reasons Print Books Are Better than eBooks

New is not always better. Here are 10 reasons reading a classic, the old-fashioned way, is better.

  1. Studies show you don’t learn as well reading from an eBook as you do from a printed book—particularly with regards to textbooks.
  2. Reading printed books engages all of your senses.
  3. Browsing a bookstore is fun.
  4. Your book won’t be interrupted with a chat or incoming email.
  5. You can write notes in the margins.
  6. A bedtime story is more likely to put you and your kids to sleep.
  7. If you spill your tea on a book it doesn’t ruin it.
  8. Books on shelves make you look smarter to your friends and act as great conversation starters.
  9. Books don’t run out of battery.
  10. There is nothing like the smell of a brand new book.

10 Reasons eBooks Are Better than Print

But, then again, there are several cases when new is better. Here are 10 reasons eBooks are better than print.

  1. You can take way more books with you wherever you go.
  2. There is a bigger selection available on Amazon than in your local bookstore.
  3. They can be interactive with video, audio, and more.
  4. People don’t borrow or steal them from you.
  5. You are less likely to lose them.
  6. You can check your email and your bank account and then go back to reading.
  7. No need for bookmarks.
  8. Less clutter in your house or apartment.
  9. They last forever—as long as you the device you are using does too.
  10. They are usually less expensive.

And the Winner Is . . .

When it’s comes to the battle of eBooks versus print, we think it’s a tie. There is room for both! Which is best depends on what you are reading, why you are reading, when you are reading it, and where you are reading it. Going on a trip? You might want to take your Kindle and save space in your suitcase. Cramming for an exam? You might opt for a paperback.

However you or your students choose to read is fine by us. . . just as long as you read. So pick up that book, or Kindle, and enjoy!

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