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May 29, 2024
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June 10, 2024

A Chrysalis of Change for Curriculum Directors Wanting Searchable Tech for Learning Success

Curriculum Directors have been wishing for searchable, shareable content that makes implementing targeted curricular change easy. 

Today, it arrived.

Meet Monarch.

Today, as a curriculum leader, you can design and implement curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices providing stakeholders, teachers, and students with well-curated instructional content based on standards and reading level targets and share them easily.

Whew! That’s a lot of instructional programming that’s only a  few clicks away and online 24/7/365 days. 

MONARCH is exactly what will help heal the huge digital access divide and provide the “equitable access to connectivity, devices, and digital content” the National Ed Tech Plan - Office of Educational Technology (NETP) identifies as needed right now.

Curriculum Directors today may embrace tech like it’s a third thumb. They may stand ready to serve whole districts with gadgets and gizmos in hand. They may provide a new-era, uber-engaging tech learning with all the STEM targets or reading level identifiers needed to change tier 2, tier 3 students into success story after success story thanks to MONARCH.

Monarch is that online, searchable creative, engaged learning factory meets critical-thinking lessons powerhouse at the ready.

With MONARCH, any curriculum director looking for solutions that will ensure equitable access through tech on student devices with immediate accessibility in the classroom. 

  • Need to empower students?
  • Need to expand their learning beyond the confines of the traditional classroom?
  • Need to tailor self-directed learning?
  • Need to help educators create learning experiences to individual student needs?
  • Need to support students with disabilities?

There is one place, one searchable space, to turn to: MONARCH.

As the 2024 NETP plan identified three key divides that needed to be bridged to better support teaching and learning,Monarch provides that three-tiered solution:

  • Digital Use: DISCOVER, seek, and find opportunities to improve how students interact and engage with technology. Enhance learning using dynamic applications of technology to explore, create, and engage in critical analysis of academic content and knowledge. It makes eBooks, Lesson Plans, Activities, Teacher Guides, Videos, Articles, Games, Learning modules, and more searchable.
  • Digital Design: CONNECT and provide an opportunities-gathering-space where educators may expand learning and design learning experiences that are enhanced by technology; and
  • Digital Access: ENGAGE students and educators. Help them gain equitable access to educational technology: connectivity, devices, and digital content and help teach accessibility and digital health, safety, and citizenship with easy ways to differentiate.

Today, it has transformed into a one-search solution that addresses all three divides and serves them up in one awesome bundle of ‘edu-gameology’ for targeting student success.

Just like the Monarch butterfly munches on milkweed to transform in 30-days from an egg into to beautiful butterfly, Monarch was created to help curriculum directors mitigate learning losses and migrate into a higher level of technology, helping them curate a teaming factory of help for teachers, specialists, and students. 

  • Need to navigate through the many curriculum standards?
  • Need immediate access?
  • Need an easy solution?
  • Need a differentiator that helps whole districts take flight?
  • Need to land all students on the super-achievers list come end of year?

Monarch delivers. 

Monarch is that 3-tiered solution educators have been looking for.

Monarch is a unique, K-12 content discovery engine that creates secure and personalized digital search environments for your students, igniting lifelong learning for generations to come.It allows districts to upload its many resources into one searchable library of teaching solutions like Learning 360, Sora/Overdrive, Gale, TeachingBooks and more. As U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona says, “It’s essential we focus on empowering teachers to become designers of active learning, using technology in effective ways to engage and inspire students.” It brings the eBooks, Lesson Plans, Activities, Teacher Guides, Videos, Articles, Games, Learning modules, and more in a ready-to-execute fashion for curriculum directors nationwide. 

If tech could unite in flight,

don wings, and lift student success,

curriculum developers will discover 

that one, blue-sky-high place

where they may flutter to and find 

every resource needed, 

collected and curated in a searchable, 

instantly accessible,

by grade, 

by language, 

by standard,

by individual student need

with easy differentiators

on one search engine—

that is the beauty of Monarch.


Monarch. All the extras. All the hype. All in a one search engine powerful enough to do enough to bridge tech to engaged learning.

Monarch is exclusively distributed through COMPanion Corporation, creators of Alexandria® Library Management Solutions.

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