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Darla can’t find the book she has checked out. She thinks she lost it, but wants to keep looking until next week. You hope she finds it! In the end, though, she can’t find it, and you have to declare the book Lost. But what about that extra week the book was overdue? Is Darla going to be charged overdue fines for that time?

Overdue Fines


It depends on one of your Circulation preferences.

  • Open Preferences.
  • Go to the Circulation area.
  • Click on the Circulation Rules tab.
  • Look under the Overdue section.

There is a checkbox for Charge Overdue Fines on Lost Items. If this is unchecked, then when you declare the book lost, Darla’s overdue fines for that item disappear. If this is checked, Darla will be charged for overdue fines and the lost book.

What happens if Darla finds the book a few days later and returns it to you?

Look at the preference to the right of the other one; this one is Charge Overdue Fines on Found Items. If this is unchecked, Darla won’t be charged any overdues when she returns the book. If it is checked, then she will be charged overdue fines for the period between when the book first became overdue, and when it was found (up to the Maximum Fine for an Overdue Item).



Alternatively (or in addition) you can charge a flat fee on found books to cover any processing costs, using the Returned Lost Item Fee option.

To pass over all these overdue options, leave those 3 boxes unchecked.


Are you eliminating fines from your library altogether? Read this tip to learn what settings you will need to review.

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