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March 28, 2016
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April 4, 2016

From sonnet to limerick to ode to free verse, poetry has been a major part of human expression for thousands of years. April is National Poetry Month, and we can’t wait to break out all our Dickenson, Browning, Angelou, and all the rest of our favorites. We’ll celebrate by cozying up with our favorite collections, but we have some great ideas of how you can celebrate this month. offers “Teach This Poem,” a weekly resource for teachers featuring poems with accompanying resources and activities designed for the classroom.

Invite a local poet to read and share their poetry

Inspire the poet in young readers. Offer small classes where children can begin curating work for their own collection.

Host a Poetry Slam. Invite students, community members, staff, and teachers to attend and participate.

Incorporate poetry into students’ current subject matter. If they are studying ancient Japan, include the art of haiku and have them write their own.

Do you live near the home, grave, or memorial of a famous poet? If you’re a school library, suggest that teachers take their classes for a field trip.

Here are some other great resources for how to take advantage of National Poetry Month:

You can also request a free poster here!


We hope you love poetry as much as we do here at Alexandria Library Software Management!

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