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April 19, 2018
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April 25, 2018

“Get Caught Reading” Library Bulletin Board Ideas

Ahhhh, the sweet delight of getting lost in a book! As a reader, you lose yourself in other worlds and go on great adventures all from the comfort of your home. Reading books takes you places! Make sure you and your students have a book on hand, for it's Get Caught Reading Month!

Get Caught Reading Month was established in 1999. It's a nationwide public service campaign launched by Association of American Publishers to remind people of all ages how much fun reading can be. Since then, it has been celebrated by organizations, authors, teachers, librarians, celebrities, and children. Encourage library patrons to stick their nose in a book throughout May!

3 Library Bulletin Board Ideas

We gathered three fun library bulletin board ideas for you to decorate your library. Try out these ideas and let us know how they look in your library by tagging Alexandria Library Software on social media!

Match The Selfie to The Shelfie

Create a fun contest between students and teachers! Take pictures of participating teachers and their classroom bookshelves. Let each student guess which shelf belongs to which teacher. Create a folder on the display to hold the answer forms for students to take a stab at the challenge. You can give prizes to the students who guess correctly!

Caught Reading Mugshot Library Display and Photo Booth

Did you create a mugshot display for banned books week? Repurpose that library bulletin board display for Caught Reading Month! Create the display and take pictures of your library patrons reading their favorite book. For public libraries, this would be a fun activity to have at a library event.

*Go the extra mile by using a Polaroid camera or print the pictures each week to hang next to your Caught Reading Mugshot library bulletin board display.

Pokemon Library Bulletin Board

Inspire kids to read by incorporating some fandom. You can create this library display to inspire students to read. Use Pokemon balls to place book suggestions. If students are unsure what to read or want a recommendation they can use this bulletin board to get suggestions.

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  1. Cindy Radford says:

    Looking for creative ideas for library to encourage expanding reading for all ages K-6th graders

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