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April 11, 2018
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April 24, 2018
For over 99 years Children’s Book Week has been celebrated nationwide. As one of the longest-running national literacy initiatives in the country, this week is a celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading.

As a librarian and media specialist, you have a role in creating readers in patrons young and old. This is a big task! We understand that you need a lot of tools and resources to complete this work. We’ve compiled a list of books, activities, and helpful resources so you can celebrate Children’s Book Week at your library this April 30th through May 6th.

Activities for Children’s Book Week

Book Tastings

Are you struggling to get your library patrons to add variety to their reading choices? Or are you looking for a creative way to introduce new books to students?
Try a book tasting at your library during Children’s Book Week. In this activity you’ll be able to expose students to different types of literature, from biographies to non-fiction to classic children’s books– help students discover new books!

For this activity, all you’ll need is a book for each student and a timer. You can set books on desks, or create a musical chairs vibe with books on each chair. Let students sample a few different books before letting them check out their favorites from the library.

Book Ads

We know this as adults, but recommendations from friends or peers are the most credible form of help and advice. Same can go for kids! In this library activity have students create an ad recommendation for one of their favorite books or a book they’ve read recently. Let students get creative with their ad by drawing their favorite scene, characters, or author. Prompt students to write about what they liked most about the book and why they recommend it.

You can place the ads on a bulletin board display paired with a picture of the book cover. Or place the ads next to the books on the shelves!

'Every Child A Reader' Resources

Need more ideas? Head over to the official website for Children’s Book Week for more resources! From bookmarks to activities to posters, Every Child a Reader has fun materials you can incorporate into your library during Children's Book Week.

Books for Children’s Book Week

Every Child a Reader, a nonprofit, creates and supports programs that strive to make the reading and enjoyment of children’s books an essential part of America's educational aims. Their program, Children’s & Teen Choice Book Awards, is the only national book award solely voted on by kids and teens.

We’ve listed this year's five finalists in each category. Make sure you give your young library patrons the opportunity to vote for their favorite. Learn more about how to vote here!

Children's & Teen Choice Book Awards

K - 2nd Grade Book of the Year Finalists

Giving the Power Back to Librarians

Focusing on students and creating programs that make an impact should be the forefront for librarians. That's why Alexandria has been trusted by librarians for over 30 years– we give you the power so you can have the library you've always wanted. From 24/7 support to cloud hosting, our software is made for librarian and student success.

Looking for more lesson plan ideas?

Fairy Tale Dice Game is sure to be hit with your library patrons!
This game is a wonderful and engaging tool to get children to use their imaginations.

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