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COMPanion Corporation–Still Growing After 28 Years



June 01, 2015 – SALT LAKE CITY – COMPanion Corporation, home to the software engineers who created the industry-leading library automation software system, Alexandria, is announcing internal expansion in their marketing department.

After more than 28 years in business, this privately owned corporation not only remains debt-free, they are slated for growth in 2015. COMPanion currently provides service to over 10,000 Alexandria Software users. The secret to this company’s long-term success is directly correlated to responsible reinvestments like this.

Alexandria Software continues to dominate its competition because, simply put–their software is better. Founder Bill Schjelderup and his team are constantly working to improve Alexandria software and remain unwavering in their commitment to customer satisfaction on all levels.

Users of Alexandria reap the benefits of free software updates for life, 24-hour customer service, and cloud-hosted options, just to name a few.

For software developers, staying on the cutting edge of technology is imperative for success. For COMPanion Corporation, this means going beyond developing the best software the market has to offer–it means developing a strong web-presence as well.

As more and more consumers turn to their smartphones and tablets to conduct business, socialize, and source information, companies like COMPanion are beginning to rely on their marketing department to open the lines of communication with their customers.

COMPanion is right on target–adapting their services to meet the needs of their end-users. With triple the manpower in their marketing department, COMPanion customers will stay abreast of the latest updates and can utilize resources like YouTube to learn how to use all of the features their software has to offer.

Essentially, they are adding value to their product by supporting how their customers use their software, what they use it for, and creating a platform for customers to discuss their ideas.

Alexandria users have a lot to look forward to thanks to this expansion. Along with the many exciting new features launching in Alexandria Version 7, COMPanion customers are also gaining a valuable resource for free information, accessible through several web-based mediums.

After nearly 3 decades in business, COMPanion has only just begun. Stay tuned.

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