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Why Flexible Library Tech Matters

What does flexible tech mean for your library and teaching staff? Equitable Access & Delivery means you have access to your Alexandria ILS and it can be enjoyed everywhere, on any device, through any browser, without the need for apps. Our interface’s responsiveness and functionality is compatible with browser accessibility features. Long story short,  Alexandria is the only ILS to meet WCAG/ADA standards.

You Can ALEX Anytime, From Anywhere

You can ALEX in a boat with a goat

BROWSE your iPad as you row.

Place books on hold while on the go.

Take a selfie, show goat our BROWSE, then place books on hold. Don't be shy, and take your time, because this is only one way that on ALEX you will have book fun! You can also shift to EXPLORE and find titles that will rock your world.

Paddle in for our DEMO—it's shore to be worth your year!


You can ALEX in a tree with your fellow busy-bees

EXPLORE books while climbing here and there.

Branch out and read with ALEX anywhere.

Cozy, comfy, carefully designed are the spaces libraries are known for. They are those lounge-friendly spaces where readers read, researcher explore, and teacher teach, but they are also the best place to look when you can do all these things from the branches of trees. Climb up a tree and SCOUT for that perfect read. EXPLORE books. SEARCH titles. Play a few online games. Nothing can stop your ALEX fun.

FREE up time for our DEMO—I mean, what's knot to love?


You can ALEX in a forest with a Tyrannosaurus, or bear

Build some BULLETINS you can post.

Send by URL and virtually host.

When your district is ready to rumble and make an unbearably big impact on reading throughout every school district wide, we can help. Perhaps you run iPads for K3 and Chromebooks for your Middle Schoolers, no worries. ALEX feeds all bears and works well on all devices, no matter where your forest is. Let us help you help your student grow into lifelong readers and learners.  We definitely believe in feeding bears.

Taste test our DEMO—we think hungry bears will love it?


You can ALEX in a swamp with a scardy croc

Turn on your laptop inside your sub.

Click OTHER to link to games that share book love.

Not quite sure what to read, tip your finger toward EXPLORE. Log on your computer and create EXPLORE PANES that can be launched on iPhones, Computers, Laptops, and iPads, but provide the many and multiple ways you, as the librarian, can provide different boo explores and experiences and chances to connect every student to his or her perfect read. Jump in! Make a BIG reading splash for your whole district.

Tip toe to our DEMO—what are you waiting for?


Flexible Library Tech Makes Sharing Book-Love Easy

Flexible tech mean you no longer need a magic wand, you can build a beautiful physically library on site and share it virtually with your library and teaching staff with very little effort—or the extreme flexibility you need to enjoy sharing book love. Equitable Access & Delivery means your Alexandria ILS is as movable and manageable. It can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere: any device, any browser, without apps. We'd love to support your efforts and help you customize to make your every ALEX dream come true. Talk to us! Reach out. We can help Anytime, Anywhere.

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