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December 13, 2023
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December 21, 2023

DO YOU REMEMBER THAT ONE BOOK that launched your love of reading? Do you remember your favorite book you found soon after devouring many books? Do you remember cozying up in a chair to read with your parents? Do you remember your teachers providing in-class DEAR, drop-everything-and-read, time? Do you remember loving books and reading on your own and what (or who) sparked your love of reading?

As a library media specialist, you are always on the lookout for the best of the best books. Those picture books that will fascination readers and launch them as an avid reader. We also need those books that will engage new readers, those leveled-reading titles that will help districts thrive during our most recent reading crisis. We need books to reach many cultures and enrich our kid's knowledge of the world. We also need that wide and varied collection of graphic novels that shifts the reluctant reader to becoming an every-day readers toward opens minds, builds compassion, and inspires everyone! 

Fiction Picture Books Sure to Spark a Love of Reading

Make every day a Kid Lit Book Day. We’ve gathered a collection of the best of the best picture books for 2023-24 school year for your library. These are, by far, not the only ones... There's a lot to love in the land of kid-lit.Please check these out and feel free to recommend other books in the comments below!

Our Picture Book Picks (so far) for 2023-24 

The funny, stem zany, every-day crazy, mightiest feasts for the mind, which also make great read alouds for the PreK to forever young.

If you don't already have these books in your library collection, you should!


Great Science Reads

There's nothing better than a great science book that makes STEM relevant to young learners. Here's our top picks.


More Picture Books

View more of our Summer-to-School picks here and enjoy. These are titles your younger readers will love!


Great Early Readers

Early Readers really inspire our newest readers. They are created for them. It will promote and boost reading and boost reading confidence. 


Add Graphic Novels

Curate an ever-growing collection of Graphic Novels and serialize your call numbers. This makes your library feel student-friendly and serves up dynamically shelving.

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