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5 Library Notices to Lighten Things Up

Default library notices are often dry and boring: “The following items are overdue.” Sure, it gets the message across. But spicing things up could go a long way towards getting your patrons’ attention! And who knows… maybe they’ll actually return those books on time.

That’s why we’ve compiled some fun and silly options for various types of notices. You can even switch them up every few months to keep things interesting! Who doesn’t need an extra laugh or smile?

5 Library Notices to Lighten Things Up

1 - Coming due

  • It’s the final countdown—sing along with us, and please remember to return your books soon.
  • Batman Returns… his library books on time. Be like Batman.
  • A wizard is never late… not even with his library books. So neither should you! Be sure to get these items back on time.
  • What did the librarian say to the person checking out 50 books? “Don’t overdue it.” Remember to return your books!

2 - Overdue

  • You’ve kept these items away from the library too long, and now they are homesick. Please help them return home!
  • To the library you should go. Return these overdue books you must.
  • ISBN thinking about you… and your overdue books! Remember to return them.
  • Believe in your-shelf and your ability to return your overdues! Please get these items to the library as quickly as you can.

3 - Severely Overdue

  • Uh oh… you’ve had these items out too long! Please return them as soon as possible so other people can enjoy them as much as you have.
  • Don’t be dewey decimated by the librarian! Return your overdue books.
  • Help us by returning your overdue items. You’re our only hope!
  • Why was the dinosaur afraid to go to the library? His books were 65 million years overdue. Even though your books aren’t 65 million years overdue yet, we’d like them back! Please return these books to the library.

4 - In-stock holds

  • One does not simply forget to pick up their holds... These books are ready for you!
  • “Book” it to the library and pick up your holds!
  • Why did Dracula go to the library? He wanted a good book to sink his teeth into. And now you do, too! Your holds are ready for pick-up.
  • Come on in to the library to pick up your holds! We’re never overbooked.

5 - Lost items

  • A day may come when your library books are truly lost. Today is not that day! Look around and see if you can find them. We believe in you.
  • Whoops! It looks like you’ve had some books declared lost. Please try to find them so you don’t have to pay a fee.
  • Uh oh! These books have been declared lost. Have you looked in your backpack, bedroom, wardrobe, or the Underworld? Better get searching!
  • Good morrow! The library has officially tasked you with a very important quest: find these lost books.

How do you update your notice text? With Alexandria, that’s easy peasy. Check out our Customize your notices! tip to get started.

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