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March 26, 2019
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April 19, 2019

YA Outer Space Posters

Recently we asked our Alexandria Facebook followers what kind of monthly posters they’d like to see. We know you love our reading posters and overwhelmingly our followers asked for posters for their teen sections.

Well, we did just that! This month’s theme: Outer Space.

In the words of Bill Nye the Science Guy–science rules! We think science and outer space is the perfect theme to inspire your older library patrons. Alongside our YA Outer Space Posters, we’ve also included a library STEM activity for students about gravity and black holes.

Download the posters and take a look at the outer space activity!

Young Adult Outer Space Posters

Young Adult Outer Space Posters

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Gravity and Black Holes Library Activity

What is gravity? What are black holes? Many students have probably heard of black holes–especially with the recent unveiling of the first ever photo of a black hole! It’s an easy concept to understand the effects of, but can be confusing to understand by itself. Help spark your students’ interest in outer space by using a few supplies.

All you’ll need for the experiment is:

  • A sheet of spandex / or a light elastic bandage used for muscular injuries
  • Some marbles
  • A couple of weighted objects (mug, smartphone, rock, etc.)
Stretch out your sheet or elastic bandage by either pinning it around a large open bucket or having students hold either side. You’ll want the material to be tight with tension. Begin the demonstration with the large weighted objects and incorporate the smaller objects. This is how gravity and mass works, smaller objects with less mass are attracted to larger objects with more mass. Check out the full Youtube video to learn more!

If you’d like more background information about gravity, black holes, or the full instructions for the experiment, follow this link!

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  1. Karen Wallace says:

    I love these resources to help promote reading in my iIbrary!

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