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March 19, 2019
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April 13, 2019

BONUS: Earth Day Poster!

We aren’t sure about you, but we are pretty excited to wake up from our winter hibernation and start partaking in all the springtime activities. In celebration of Earth Day and this beautiful planet we live on, we’ve created a bonus Earth Day Poster! Download the poster and check out our Earth Day activity below.

Earth Day Poster

Celebrate Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd. Decorate your library with our recycling-inspired poster. You can even keep the poster up for the rest of the school year. It’ll come in handy for reminding students to return their library books as the school year comes closer to an end!

Earth Day Activity

Celebrate Earth Day by educating students about the changes happening to our environment and what we can all do to help protect it. Take this opportunity to teach library patrons about the science and ethics of sustainable living. Check out these activities to teach kids about Recycling from Nature’s Valley Blog.

Keep reading for our Earth Day activity!

Lesson Plan: Teaching Students the Importance of Trees

Trees are crucial to the well-being of not only forest ecosystems but the entire planet! In this activity, students will gain insight into the ecosystem of trees and how every living being is dependent on the valuable resources trees provide.

There are many opportunities in this lesson plan to touch upon the science of why trees are important, like preventing soil erosion, lowering temperatures, filtering water, or producing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Learn more about the science of trees here!

Begin the lesson by reading the book Tall Tall Tree by Anthony d. Fredericks. A fun children's book that will teach children about the size, location, and wildlife of the Redwood Forest. Discuss with students what they learned about trees. Help students understand how trees are an essential part of life on Earth with a focus on the role they play in our daily lives.

After the discussion, you can conduct this STEM activity to teach kids how plants and trees filter our water.
What you'll need:

  • (3) plastic bottles
  • soil
  • plants
  • plant debris (leaves, sticks, twigs, rocks, etc..)
Cut the plastic bottles in half and place soil in each container. Just like the photo, create each container differently by making one bottle for the plant, one bottle for just the soil and plant debris, and one bottle with only soil. At the top of the bottle, place a container to catch the drained water that seeped through each soil.

Water each bottle and watch as the plants filters the water and how the drained water in the other bottles gradually gets dirtier.

Reflect on the experiment with students. Ask students what this mean to them and why it is important to have trees filter our water.

Looking for more STEM activities to teach about trees? Take a look at these resources!

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  1. Adriana says:

    Love the Earth Day poster. Very impressive.

  2. Beverly Litke says:

    Just found this! Is the Earth Day poster still available? It doesn’t seem to download.
    Thank you!

    • Alexandria Library Software says:

      Hi Beverly, thanks for commenting! The poster is still downloadable. Are you downloading from a mobile device? It is easier to download our posters from a desktop computer. If you are still having issues, we can email you the poster images. Best!

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