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What Are People Really Saying About Alexandria

Many people know us as ‘more than just library software’. Today we review what people have been saying about Alexandria and why.


  • I appreciate the customer service

“As a new librarian using Alexandria for the first time, I really appreciate the customer service. They answer their calls promptly and have always been able to help me with my various questions. They never make me feel like I should know or are wasting their time. I like all parts of the system and my teachers appreciate what I can do for them by accessing the various functions.” – Carol-Lee Marshall


At Alexandria, we know how frustrating it can be to wait and wait for help. We do our best to respond as quick as possible.


  • The way librarians think

“I have liked this since we installed it. The item that sold me was that I could install books in any barcode order. We had Athena before and you had to do the barcodes in numerical order.” – Marty Hart


Our software is designed to be simple and efficient. We make sure all our software and updates are designed to be user friendly and intuitive.


  • Alexandra for the long game

“I began using Alexandria way back when the company was small and version 3 was something they were planning for the future. I stayed with version 5 for a long time because our equipment was never state-of-the-art and mine is the only school in the district using a Macintosh library program. I liked version 5 very much and was very comfortable using it found it very reliable. With version 5 I almost never needed to call tech support for help.” – Gerry Hikida


Our number one priority is keeping our customers happy. One way we do that is by making sure our software and solutions are designed to last for the long run, not short term. You can rest assure that once you get connected, you won’t need to change software the next year.


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