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Harry Potter Activities and Displays for Your Library
July 3, 2019
Librarian Beginning-of-School-Year Checklist
Librarian Back-to-School Checklist
July 31, 2019

Back-To-School Librarian Toolkit

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School is back in session. That means students will be streaming through the library doors wanting to find the next best read, get involved in your makerspace, or learn something new. Not sure about all media specialists and librarians, but an extra week or two to prepare the library lessons would be nice, right?

But, starting the new school year is exciting for both librarians and students! In case you are trying to close up some loose ends or would like a few suggestions on a library activity or two, we have you covered for this first month of school! Check out these books and activities you can use in your library to kick off the year right.

Back to School Library Activities

"I Wish My Librarian Knew..." Student Letters to YOU!

This isn't a new activity by any means. But repurposed for the media specialist use. Created by Kyle Schwartz, she asked her students to finish the sentence "I wish my teacher knew.." on an index card. She saw amazing results and truly got an insight into her students.

Media specialists and librarians are teachers. They teach nearly every student (more likely EVERY student) in the school. And this activity will give you as a librarian the opportunity to learn about what your students want you to know about them individually.

You can implement this activity at the beginning of the school year, a perfect opportunity for new media specialists and seasoned librarians to get to know their students.
Follow These Steps:

Start out the activity by sharing with your students what you wish for them to know about you. List three things you'd like them to know about you.

Now it's your kids' turn. Give them index cards with the prompt "I wish my librarian knew..." Have students list three things.

Give your students plenty of time to write their answers. Once a student is finished they can browse the library books.

Library Scavenger Hunt

The summer can be a long time in kids eyes! What better way to get kids acquainted, for the first time or again, to your school's library than with a scavenger hunt. For younger students, you can create a hunt using pictures and signs to help them find the right items and books. For older kids, you can use Dewey Decimal call numbers as clues.

Check out this Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt printable by Mrs. ReaderPants.

Children's Books for Back to School

From classics to new books, suggest one of the following books to your young library patrons.

Young Adult Books for Back to School

We guarantee these books will be pageturners for your YA crowd.

*Bonus Graphic Novel*

Every librarian has at least one or two reluctant readers. This graphic novel has singing praises from fans like Lin-Manuel Miranda. Yup, the guy who wrote Hamilton. Based on the enormously popular Twitter account @jomnysun. In Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn too, students will connect with the silliness, the heart, and belonging this book creates.

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