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June 10, 2024
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June 18, 2024

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Welcome Patrons with Library-to-Home Connection


Welcome Patrons with Library-to-Home Connection

Share librarian information, school spirit logos, mini search, mini library, oodles of ways to interact with searches: by reading level, by genre, by pub category, by series, by online activity, by program or by teacher guides.


Create a Voice & Choice Lesson the Whole School Will Enjoy

Create lesson content that is similar but allows for choice. A great example might be hosting all the TedEd lessons about animals on a bulletin—these include videos and follow-up quizzes—so students may select their own choice of animal to study. This activity may be completed independently or as a tabled group. It's a great activity for the library or classroom.


Expand Read Alouds into the Classroom

Share the Read Alouds you do in the library with all stakeholders. This is an excellent way to share the learning target, provide a viewing source, and talking points. What a wonderful way to bring and bridge the library book experience into the home and library. Add a printable activity like a shark scavenger hunt for Shark Lady (or link to it). Click through and play a recorded video-virtual game with Brains! Not Just A Zombie Snack's author, and so much more. Create those dynamic 


Host Book Club Events During Recess, After School, and Online 365/24/7

Create book and topic explorations students can explore independently or in groups. These may be set up at a variety of learning levels and be a mix of books, activities, bot on site and online. Here, we explore Sharks with the narrative nonfiction biography, Shark Lady, about Eugenie Clark and have added a hands-on Lego activity and Close Reading Scavenger Hunt for Students. Higher level learners explore prehistoric sharks, track sharks online, and do a TedEd activity about Megalodons.


Create Equity-Minded Book Experiences By the Novel and/or By Grade Level

Invite Teachers to join you in creating equity-minded, highly engaged book experiences with Bulletins. Share resources and create that one-link spot online where everyone can go to and share. This makes collaborative, team teaching so easy and super rewarding. You can post to Google Forms to create assessments: both formative and summative.

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