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August 24, 2018
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September 24, 2018

Makerspace Activities to Personalize Learning at Your Library

makerspace technology and personalized learning
Today’s libraries aren’t what libraries were like 100 years ago. However, the fundamental principle that the library is a hub for knowledge and learning has never changed. Libraries are now incorporating all aspects of learning, including technology, computers, and STEM principles. As the library evolves, technology is becoming more and more integrated into the library's portfolio of offerings. At the media center this October, celebrate Computer Learning Month by using technology to personalize the learning experience at your makerspace.

Why Personalized Learning Works

Statistically, it is shown that when we personalize learning, at all skill levels, students perform better. Not only are high-performing students staying challenged and are less bored, but students who need more time to absorb a topic can have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Pairing personalized learning and technology together allows for more dynamic lesson plans that can be geared toward the individual.

Check out these technology resources you can use at your makerspace to personalized student learning.

Makerspace Technology Resources and Activities


Ages 8 -12

Hopscotch is a free program that can be accessed on a desktop or app. The program is geared toward teaching students code and exposing them to STEM activities. Hopscotch encourages kids to come up with their own project and expand their knowledge at their own pace. This is a great addition to your Makerspace community if you, yourself, are not sure about code but have a large population of students who express a lot of interest.

Hopscotch offers free lesson plan resources and will help students step into the forefront of innovation and creation. Learn more here!

Magnetic Silly Putty Activity

Age 5-13

This lesson plan takes your typical silly putty to the next level! Teach students about the properties of magnets and how they are used for everyday things like sealing refrigerator doors, earphones, televisions, and machines like MRI’s. With less than ten ingredients, show students the science behind magnetic field technology. Check out the lesson plan here.

Looking for more activities during October? Check out this list of STEM Projects for Kids this Halloween!

CS Unplugged

Ages 5-14

This resource teaches computer science concepts without the need for a computer. The website was newly updated, but educators have access to the classic site where you can find activities, printables, and videos. The activities range from age level, giving educators all the options they need from a reliable resource.

Access the free teaching materials!
Want to learn how to jump-start your makerspace? We'll show you the best resources for starting a makerspace at your library.

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