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August 24, 2023
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September 13, 2023

Help! The patrons have landed.

Seriously. They have entered the library. Octo-Librarian, activated! Who wants what? Which way to the best books? Far too many questions—all coming, high and low and all around. Every direction. Books getting turned in and signed out and there is learning to be done. How will we claim our mission accomplished?


Look out!

Graphic novels will fly offthe shelves. Creative nonfiction, real stories, series wit be sought after, fought after... so line up the activities, be creative and brilliant, and your patrons will come looking for you, seeking you out, like you are the best library super sleuth in town. Here are a few ways librarians are celebrating the start of the school year, Superhero style.

Create Your Own Fun

Help kids get introduced to the books, topics, genres, checkouts, and so much more!

Join Penguin's 30-Day Read

Enjoy reading their selection or follow the theme and select your own.

Check their stories every day this month to see the picks and check out the link to see how you can win all 30 of their picture book favorites!

Create Your Own Seek and Find

Snap pictures of what you'd like patrons to find and send them off.

This game can be shortened to be played like bingo or you can let teams play it out as a find-all race to the finish.

Do a Library Scavenger Hunt

Join Capstone and engage your patrons with an overview of all the library has to offer.

You can download this game and more on Capstone

Join Jason and Write Right

Turn to great activities that could launch as a Fun Friday for a whole middle or high school.

This can be shared on a bulletin board or placed as options on an Explore Pane to create a voice and choice lesson. Kids can work individually or in groups.

Draw Everyday with JJK

Help students tap into their creative side and learn more about author-illustrators like Jarrett.

Check out the over 70 videos available on youTube.com and his webpage with great reading guides and activities for his books.

Join Joyce for Poetic Play

Create a whole menu of poetic forms on a bulletin and link to Google forms set up in those formats for students to explore.

Joyce shares a whole page of poetic forms and includes the how-to with them. It's the ideal way to help kids explore their poetic side.

Make Comics on Book Creator

Help kids explore the world of graphic novelists. Add images, add speech bubbles, and maybe do a graphic novel book trailer or book review.

Let the Fun Begin!

Just really put on your playful had and pull out your library sleuth, secret spy, superhero mindset. Kids will love all the bookish things you can help them explore!

Add these to a Bulletin and help your whole school, whole district join in!

You set it up. They play it out. Hours of great Fun Friday Learning Fun—or awesome Library time activities. The choice is up to you.

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