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July 14, 2017
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The Ever-Growing Population of #imalibrarian.

At times the researcher inside us can be a crutch. We spent a lot of time trying to find who started the movement more than appreciating the exponential growth and total librarian takeover across Twitter. If you take a quick look on Twitter, more than likely at the end of a librarian’s post you will see the hashtag #imalibrarian.

At Alexandria, we couldn’t be more excited about this movement! Why, you might ask?

Where Facebook and other social media platforms are typically run by one heavy post and then a slew of comments beneath. Twitter gives everyone an opportunity for equally weighted opinions about a subject through the use of hashtags “#” (And a quick pet peeve, don’t use #’s outside of Twitter). Twitters connective capabilities are streamlined by hashtags; by searching a hashtag you can find millions of related posts by people from all across the world.

Hashtags are like flies: they rise and fall daily, but #imalibrarian is showing more resemblance to a loyal furry friend. Since October of last year #imalibrarian has exploded across Twitter, becoming a 24/7 group chat of librarians and library lovers alike to share their thoughts, political issues, lesson plans, accomplishments, insights, news, and jokes all about librarians and libraries. Through the hashtag, people have formed relationships and expanded their reach across twitter creating today one of the most thriving communities of librarians on the Internet.
You can and you should be a part of this! You don’t even need to follow a specific account to find these tweets, by simply adding #imalibrarian to the end of your related tweet or searching #imalibrarian in the search bar you can become completely immersed in this incredible world. If you are looking to expand your libraries social media presence, follow the current news of libraries across the world, or interact with fellow book-lovers you ought to check out #imalibrarian!

Learn more about #imalibrarian here Sheryl Ramer on Medium.

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