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Library Activities for Reading Comprehension
February 27, 2020
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March 26, 2020

Librarian End-of-School-Year Checklist

Librarian End-of-School-Year Checklist
Summer break is just around the corner! Between hunting down missing items and inventorying your entire collection, you’ll be busy the next few weeks. Whether you’re a first-year teacher-librarian or a seasoned media specialist, end-of-year library procedures are essential for managing your time and crossing off your to-do’s.

School Library Year-end Checklist

To help you prioritize, we’ve created a Librarian End-of-School-Year Checklist. Check out the details below:

Coordinate Book Return

By this time of year, you’ll need to start thinking of creative ways of reminding students and teachers to return checked-out books. Hang posters, make bulletin boards, create a competition between classes, offer incentives—try whatever strategies to remind your patrons to return their borrowed books! Try enlisting staff and parents to help their students return books before the end of the year.

Conduct Library Inventory

The end of the school year means it's inventory season! If you conduct inventory annually at the end of the year, it’s essential to employ the help of volunteers. For all Alexandria Librarians, we have a library of resources to help you conduct inventory effortlessly with Alexandria. Check out the Alexandria Inventory Management resources!

If you haven’t tried it yet, using a wireless scanner to complete inventory is well worth the investment! Get 10% off all Alexandria wireless scanners by using the promo code wireless10 at check out!

Submit Grades and Final Student Reports

For those librarians who are responsible for grading students, follow your school’s procedures for submitting final grades.

End-of-Year Procedures

If you are an Alexandria Librarian, we've laid out a step-by-step process to help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to closing up your library for the summer. Check out our tips and tricks to a successful end-of-year process using Alexandria Library Automation Software.

End of Year Procedures Alexandria v6 Users
End of Year Procedures Alexandria v7 Users

End-of-Year Reports

Gather data, photos, and information about your library programs from the school year. Consider sending this information to administrators, parents, and/or stakeholders in a year-end report or newsletter. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the library and the impacts it makes on student education.

Alexandria Reports: For Alexandria users, these are reports you can run to create your year-end reporting.

  • Super Summary
  • Return Statistics
  • Usage Reports
Learn more Alexandria about reports!

Purchase Additional Supplies

Now is the time to purchase additional supplies. If you have any money left over in your library budget, buy the supplies you are running low on—that way you won’t need to remember a few months from now what supplies you still need. When you come back for the new year, you’ll thank yourself for taking care of this to-do!

Replenish your supplies!

Show Appreciation to Your Library Aids

Small gifts or gift cards are a great way to thank volunteers for their time and effort in the library. At the very least, a handwritten thank-you note can be all a volunteer needs to feel appreciated.

Library Summer Contact Information, Instructions, and Projects

If you are out of the library for summer break, be sure to put up an email responder that provides your summer contact information or an alternate contact in case of emergencies.

Before you leave for summer, you should talk to your school’s maintenance team if there are any special cleaning instructions for the library.

Lastly, if there are some things like genrefying or significant collection shifting, the best time to conduct these projects are during summer. Reach out to parents, volunteers, or student interns to come in and help with big projects.

Summer Reading Programs and Projects

During the summer, partner with the public library to promote reading programs and projects. Let students and parents know about the opportunity to access the public library during the summer and to take advantage of their programs while school’s out.

Reflect on Successful Projects and Lessons

Now is an excellent time to reflect on the school year and assess how you’ve done. It is crucial to write down what worked and what didn’t work. Writing down the changes you’d like to make will help you to remember for the new school year.

Did we miss any items on the checklist? Comment below to help out your fellow librarians.

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