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December 8, 2017
Short Stories
Best Short Stories to Read Right Now!
December 28, 2017
New Year is nearly upon us and that means that the holiday season is in full swing. From Christmas to Ramadan, and everything in between, there is a world worth of information that your patrons are interested in reading. Whether they are looking for a childhood classic, or something a little more obscure, Alexandria has plenty of ways to help you make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

My Alexandria Library Automation Software Can...


By creating buttons in the Explore Builder tool you can make it very easy for your patrons to find specific categories, such as seasonal options for things like Holidays or Events. You can even create buttons that will direct you to pages with additional buttons, show predetermined search lists, re-direct to outside web pages… the options are almost limitless!
Alexandria v7 even comes with some pre-established Explore Builder options so feel free to try out a provided pane or build a custom one right from the start.


Creating custom Bulletin Boards in Alexandria is another handy way to not only showcase items in your library but to also share upcoming events, classroom projects, and anything else your patrons might enjoy!


The Alexandria Slideshow is a creative tool to use for showing a rotating list of items that are pertinent to certain search criteria, such as Hanukkah. It uses larger images and can be customized for the length of display and stylization. But, keep in mind you can only have one Slideshow active at a time so make sure to save the search string if you would like to use it again for next year.

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