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October 7, 2021
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November 30, 2021
How do libraries motivate students to read? How do librarians help kids find books they are interested in? And—this is the critical question—how does South Jordan Middle School decorate for Halloween? Let’s take a look!

A handful of us took a trip to a local school library where one of our Account Executives (Jenessa) went to school. South Jordan Middle School, or SOJO, is located in the Salt Lake valley about 20 minutes away from our COMPanion Corporation office.
The librarian at SOJO is Cindy Mitchell, who has not only put together a wonderful library, but a wonderful set of decorations this October. Everything shown here is made by Ms. Mitchell and her assistant!

Below are some other highlights from our visit!

  • Monster fence posts guarding the book return
  • Creepy spellbooks
  • Biographies and Jack Skellington
  • Student-made zines display
  • Themed book displays
  • Call numbers explained

Ms. Mitchell makes creative use of discarded books. First, this colorful display of butterflies surrounding the quote "The beauty of the world likes in the diversity of its people"

Next, the awards on this display are well-earned. The entire dress is made by hand. Admire the ruffles:

Thanks to Cindy Mitchell for showing us around her great library! Take a look at her blogs for book reviews: and

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