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March 6, 2017
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March 20, 2017

One reason I love visiting my local library is because of all the fun activities they offer. It’s nice to know that I can go to the library for more then just finding a good book or audiotape. When I think of a good library, I think of community.

Here are a few ideas to help get more people in the community involved in your library:

  • Popular book discussion
    • This is a great way to talk and share thoughts on a new book that recently launched.
  • Celebrate an author’s birthday
    • You can celebrate by having readings for children.
  • Spelling bee
    • Imagine putting on your own spelling bee for the local community. How fun!
  • Poetry workshop
    • Many people know what poetry is but don’t understand the many different styles of poems.
  • Resume assistance
    • Job seekers are always looking for ways to improve their chances to stand out in a pile of resumes.
  • Story telling
    • This is just a reminder of how powerful story telling can be.
  • Adult coloring
    • More and more adults are getting into the creative and meditation that comes from coloring.
  • Finding Dory Party
    • Children can listen to stories, play games and make crafts featuring characters.
  • Culture hour
    • This is a great way to educate on another culture. Read about the culture then make a craft that represents that culture.
  • Book hunt
    • A fun a way to get children familiar with navigating their way around the library by having them find books of certain topics.
  • Classes
    • There are dozens of classes to bring the community together like Spanish classes to drawing classes.

I hope this little fun list helps you with some ideas in getting your community involved in exploring your library.

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