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STRONG WOMEN have led our world to greatness, inspired us, discovered new ingenious ways to improve our world. There are so many we should honor. But, today, we will share the ones our publishers feel most warrant our attention. Take a look.

Then, download the ALEX Explore Pane that will make Themed title searching in Alexandria easy. Enjoy!

Philomel - She Persisted Series

33 Biographies about Strong Women

Chelsea Clinton shares "inspirational women who never took no for an answer, and who always, inevitably and without fail, persisted."

13 Women Who Changed the World

13 Women Who Changed History

American Olympians Who Changed the Game

Harriet Tubman

Claudette Colvin

Nina & More

Sally Ride

Virginia Apgar

Nellie Bly

Sonia Sotomayor

Florence Griffith Joiner

Clara Lemlich & More


Forget princesses, meet the real heroes! This Women's History Month, ditch the tiaras and unleash the power of picture books! Meet the scientists, artists, and trailblazers who changed the world, all in colorful, captivating stories that will leave kids inspired and feeling unstoppable.

Wangari Maathai

Troublemakers in Trousers

Long-Armed Ludy

Amelia to Zora

To the Stars!

Nina & More

Holiday House

Happy Women's History Month! Looking for #picturebooks to read to celebrate remarkable women? We have some recommendations!

What Isabella Wanted

Stitch by Stitch

Fearless World Traveler

Taking Off

What Music!

Cubs in the Tub

Little, Brown Books for Young People

Fearless Girls to Celebrate Women’s History Month with!

Celebrating the fearless means celebrating the women who have pushed through boundaries and took a stand even though they were afraid. It means celebrating those who knew that it was okay to be scared and still try and it shouldn’t stop them or stand in their way. So, Little, Brown wanted to celebrate Women’s History Month with a list of fearless girls your young reader might want to learn more about.

Celebrating Strong Women just got easier. Here’s a look at Sourcebooks selections. One of my favorites among them: Shark Lady! See my Scavenger Hunt to use with this book in the comments. Read aloud, repeat for a closer read so students have time to navigate the hunt. Enjoy!

Enjoy a look at some fabulous females. Read Shark Lady, Dinosaur Lady, and score some insights into how to be fabulous.

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, we are sharing books by and about women who have shaped history and inspired change in their communities. Learn more about extraordinary women who stood up for women’s rights, advocated for themselves, and followed their dreams.

Enjoy recently added titles and long loved titles and the many titles that celebrate the long line of extraordinary women of history! Go forth and read!

Be sure to check out more titles in the Who Was series.

Discover incredible titles and free resources about fierce, fearless, and remarkable women to celebrate Women’s History Month!


While you are on the page, be sure to access the teacher’s guides or activity kits for their titles.

Be sure to check out their March 2024 New Releases.

Share with your readers our curated collection of books for Women’s History Month, highlighting biographies of phenomenal leaders, activists, scientists, athletes, and entertainers, as well as compelling historical fiction and nonfiction stories.

March is Women’s History Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the contributions of women throughout American history. 

We have great book recommendations for Women’s History Month featuring strong girl characters who can help empower young girl readers. Check them out.

Sleeping Bear Press will be celebrating all month long with these wonderful titles and more!

You can enjoy searching the titles about strong women like June Almeida, Miep Gies, Jackie Kennedy, Hallie Morse Daggett, and more.

Plus, you can add on a fabulous teacher's guide to go with it.

This Women’s History Month, Chronicle celebrates game-changing women. From legendary artists and women in STEM, to fictional characters and authors paving the way, the women behind and/or spotlighted in these products are forces of inspiration, power, and knowledge.

Enjoy reading about strong women who are Comet Chasers, Heroes of the Environment, True Adventurers, Wordsmiths, and more.

HarperKids celebrates the contributions of women throughout history during Women's History Month and all year long with this great collection of picture books that explore the powerful ways in which women have made an impact on the world.

Celebrate the Bold, Rockers, Steppers, Truth Tellers, Dreamers, Discoverers, Wishers, Judgers, and other Colorful Shakers we admire in our rich history of powerful women.

Celebrate the strong and remarkable women who have pushed boundaries, affected change, and made history with these powerful reads.

Celebrate the curious, the star dressers, the beautiful, the dancers, and those whose words have wings. 

AT ALEX, WE BELIEVE THE BEST WAY TO CELEBRATE WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH is with a great book in hand. Here are many reading selections from great publishers, some with activity guides, some with additional series titles, but all with great, captivating reads that share what it means to be brave and strong, and fearless. What are your favorite reads for Women's History Month?


Make it easy for patrons to see what Women's History titles you have in the library this month. Download the
TXT file, open your /Explore Builder, and upload it. Viola! It's ready to use.

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