Create (or Code) Slideshows in Seconds to Engage Readers
September 21, 2022
When You Wonder How to Lift Readers
October 20, 2022


Create a school library welcome page

Include a mini library overview and code in a simple search. This allows students to perform a search on any topic, right from your welcome page.


Share learning targets along with great reads

Provide teachers and parents an overview of what students read in the library weekly or monthly or even by the grade. Help teachers know how you are extending what is being taught in the classroom: learning targets, discussions, and activities.


Create voice and choice library activities

Link to great online TED lessons activities. Set up a way for all teachers to quickly access great activities that help them in the classroom. This is a great way to do districtwide Fun Friday activities that connect to learning targets.


Share a full Khan Academy course and extend learning

Link to great online courses that include activities and videos that will extend learning and improve engagement in the classroom.



Encourage tech tool usage districtwide

Take districtwide initiatives like integrating more tech tools into the classroom and create a teacher resource that inspires implementation.



Create dynamic book experiences for grade-level novel reads

Perhaps your grade has certain novels they read during the year. Now, you can collect your assessments and resources all in one place.



Provide choice activities with common assessments

Really inspire reading with First-Chapter Challenges and host a meet and greet with many books while also sharing Google Form assessments.

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    I look forward to learning. Is there someone that will help me implement an efficient inventory process?

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