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November 29, 2019
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December 31, 2019

7 Interactive Bulletin Boards Ideas for Your Library

Library bulletin boards can be a great way to show off your current programs, books, and ideas. Whether you update your bulletin boards each month or every season, take things a step further by creating interactive bulletin boards. Interactive bulletin boards are fun to get students excited about coming to the library and help immerse students in the learning experience.

Below we’ve gathered a few ideas to give you inspiration for your next bulletin board!

1| Push Pin Poetry

The perfect interactive bulletin board for poetry month, which just so happends to be in April!
source: Residence Life Crafts

2| Spotify Play List

Put a book spin on this Spotify Playlist display by making it a Book-ify playlist. You can encourage students to write down book suggestions on each line.

3| Take What You Need

Fill each envelope with book suggestions for each category. Place the book title, author, and/or call number for the students to locate it in the library.

4| What Brings You Joy

A great bulletin board for the New Year or the start of a new school year.

5|Name that Genre

Perfect for librarians who have genrefied their library or working on a genre library program.

6| Blind Date With a Book

A fun idea to help readers find new books.

7| Is it a Love Song or a Poem

Combine pop culture and literature onto one library display.

New Year, New Library Inspiration

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  1. Darlene says:


  2. anay bueno siqueira says:


  3. Ellen Collender says:

    So thankful for all these absolutely inspired AND inspiring ideas!

  4. Love the “Take what you love” idea….I want to try it at our school.

  5. Jana Pfefferkorn says:

    I would love to do a “blind date with a book”. I am a Library manager (not really a Librarian, I have not been to school for this. I was just in the right place at the right time.) I work at a small Catholic prek – 8 school, so I will have to call it something like Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover, or something similar. I’m not sure what books to pick though for the selection to wrap. Where could I find some suggestions.

    Jana Pfefferkorn

  6. Nakeia McQueen says:

    These are some to wonderful and creative concepts that draws you into the space , kudos to the creators, keep being innovative

  7. Pratyusha says:

    Thank-you so much my librarian asked me to decorate the board so helpful

  8. Sarah says:

    I love the interactive ‘name that genre’ bulletin board. Do you have instructions for this?

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