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October 29, 2020
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November 30, 2020

Alexandria Team Building Puzzle

Have you ever worked on a puzzle? Have you ever worked on a large puzzle? How about one that's at least 1000 pieces? How about 3000? For good measure, how about one of a famous painting of mostly dark tones?

Well, here at COMPanion Corporation, we have taken on a project that truly casts us as "gluttons for punishment": we are attempting to complete a 3000 piece puzzle of Picasso's Guernica. If you are not aware of this painting, it depicts the horrors of the Spanish Civil War in a form that might be described as "cubist nightmare". Picasso created this painting as an expression of outrage over the bombing of Guernica, the Basque city in northern Spain. The actual painting hangs in the Museo de la Reina Sofia in Madrid.

The hope is that this puzzle will be a contemplative exercise for our employees. Maybe it will inspire them to learn about the Spanish Civil War. Maybe it will allow reflection on the old adage of "those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it". Maybe it will simply inspire a renewed interest in puzzles.

To help with the learning part, we have stocked a small library of books about the subject, both fiction and non-fiction. And yes, we are using Alexandria to manage check-ins and check-outs!

As our employees chip away at this thing, the hope is they will not only learn about this conflict, but also reflect on similar themes occurring in our own country.

We want our customers to share in this project. We are photographing our progress and will publish the photos along the way. We believe the journey will be worth taking. We also believe our customers will experience a vicarious fascination with the project. On its completion, we imagine a profundity will occur. It is our hope that people will reflect on the ideological divide our country is experiencing, and start finding solutions.

Here are a few photos of the early days of the project:

Guest post by Andrew Trauba, Senior Developer. Andrew is working on the complex architecture of our code. His introduction of the puzzle to our lobby has been a happy distraction from our lonely offices and computer screens.

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