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January 17, 2018
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January 31, 2018
As librarians, we know the importance of reading. But, it is also essential to read to students aloud. Not only is reading aloud to students building language and vocabulary, but it is also sparking children’s love for reading.

Reading aloud to children of all ages provides many positive benefits, such as:

Activities and Books for Your Library

February 1st marks World Read Aloud Day, which is celebrating the power of sharing books and reading with one another. Regardless if you celebrate on February 1st or anytime after, our Alexandria team has gathered books and activities so you and your students can enjoy reading aloud.

Best Picture Books to Read Aloud

Check out these nine picture books that are the best to read aloud. Some of these books can even be read aloud by your students. Let us know if we missed a book in the comments below!

Best Chapter Books to Read Aloud

These four books seem to come to life when read aloud.

Reading Aloud Library Activities

Try one of these reading aloud activities to get all your students involved.

Roll a Reading Cube

Get students involved by creating a Reading Cube. On each side of the cube write a reading task such as "Read three paragraphs." or "Read five sentences." You can have questions like "What happened at the end?" and "Who was the main character?" This is a perfect activity for small groups and giving each person a chance to read aloud and voice their thoughts.

Mad Libs for Kids

Create a fun activity at your library using Mad Libs. Pair students with partners, let each student fill out their Mad Libs worksheet. After students have finished their worksheets, let them read their Mad Libs to their partner. This activity is perfect for building vocabulary and confidence reading aloud. The mad libs activity also gets brownie points because it's fun!

Get the Valentine's themed Mad Lib here!

Silly Reading Aloud Challenge

Revamp the Popcorn Reading with these silly reading tasks. On each popsicle stick write a silly reading task such as: "Read like you're underwater." or "Read in a squeaky voice." Students will be excited to try out each challenge and give them the opportunity to read aloud.
Let us know which is your favorite book or activity in the comments below!
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  1. Neyman says:

    I did a 10 Day Read Out Loud Challenge for homework and during library class had them read out loud to animals one week, and read Reader’s Theater Scripts the other. I will add
    Silly Read Out Loud Challenge next year. Thanks.

  2. Liz Miller says:

    When I was an elementary school librarian I used to read a not-very-well-known book out loud to kids, and even older kids. It is called WHEN THE WIND CHANGED (Feb 1, 1981) by Ruth Park and Deborah Niland. This has very amusing pictures and is a “one thing leads to another” book with a surprise ending.

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