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April 25, 2018
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August 10, 2018

7 Overdue Library Memes That Will Make You LOL

library book returns displays
It's that time of year. You are practically begging your students to search their desks, lockers, backpacks, and bedrooms for those last missing library books. The school year is winding down and having students return books in a timely manner (or let's be honest; at all) can be difficult! Telling students to bring back library books may seem like it's going in one ear and out the other.

Check out these 7 overdue library memes that will make you laugh out loud! Who knows?! These may inspire your students to bring back their library books sooner rather than later.

Overdue library memes every media specialist can relate to!

Cat and a pun... We don't have to say more!
"Are you sure you checked your desk, backpack, locker, lunch box...."
But really, we needed our students to return their library books last week.
The thought of all the overdue books from this year.
The force is strong with those who return their library books on time.
We aren't asking for too much!
Game of Overdue Books.

3 Bulletin Board Ideas for Overdue Books

All laughs aside, gathering all missing and overdue library books before the summer break is important. Whether there is one book missing or a hundred, it can take a village to round up every missing item. Get student and teacher's attention by creating clever bulletin boards. Use displays to announce the need to return library books. We've found a handful of cute library bulletin board ideas you can create at your school library. 

Overdue Meme Bulletin board

This bulletin board idea is super easy and will speak directly to your students! You can even use some of our memes from above.

Book Return Competition

Get students attention by creating a book return competition between each grade. This is an easy trick to get students invested in finding their own and classmates' missing books. Find out more about this display here.

Literary Hoots Printable Memes

We've seen these memes created by Literary Hoots circulating on Pinterest. Combin some pop culture and nerdiness to inspire your students to return their books. Head over to Literary Hoots' website to download the free printables.

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