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October 24, 2018
How to help students choose books they'll actually like!
How to Help Students Choose Books They’ll Actually Love
November 8, 2018

New Fall Posters and Thanksgiving Library Displays

Leaves are falling and books are calling!

It's time to update your library decoration from spooky Halloween themes and start incorporating some of our favorite holidays like Thanksgiving! This month we have posters and library displays that we guarantee will inspire students to pick up a book and read.

Thankful for Books

We are incredibly thankful for books and the right we have to read freely. As librarians, we know the power books have to teach lessons, take you to new destinations, see different perspectives, and so much more. This November we are thankful for books and libraries. Let us know what you are thankful for in the comments below!

Are you looking for Thanksgiving themed books? Check out this blog post!

Fall Reading and Library Posters

Make sure to download our posters, check out the library displays, and comment on what you are thankful for this season!

Fall Library Displays

Share the love of reading and books with students! These library displays will give your students the opportunity to find a new book they love not to mention, share one of their favorites with a fellow student.
Highlight the best fall books at your library. You can include picture books, chapter book, and graphic novels!

Did you see last year's Reading Posters?

Check out last year's fall posters. You can download them to hang alongside this year's posters at your library.


  1. Ila Kaiser says:

    I love the posters BUT the solid color backgrounds sure use a lot of colored ink, so I con’t print them.

    • Alexandria Library Software says:

      We are happy you love the posters! Thank you for taking the time to give us some feedback.

  2. Mary says:

    Posters are so awesome! Thank you!

  3. Jill says:

    Thank you I love the Reading is a feast for your mind – going to use it for our outdoor display

  4. Bridgette says:

    I love all of your flyers and need you to make more LOL

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