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Library Lovers’ Month Reading Posters

February is the month for love! Sure this month involves celebrating romantic love. But, there are many other types of love we can celebrate. Like the love we share for friends, family members, a certain book series (cough cough.. Harry Potter) , favorite pen, favorite side of the bed—the list can go on! However, this month we are especially excited to celebrate our love for the library!

Library Lovers' Month is a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries. As one of our favorite months, this is a great time to recognize the value of libraries and how they serve the community in learning and discovery.

To kickstart the love, this month we are dedicating our Reading Posters to Library Lovers' Month. Download the poster for free below and check out our list of 7 ways you can get your community to show their love for the library.

How to Show Love During Library Lovers' Month

Need some ideas to get your community involved during Library Lovers' Month? Here are 7 ways patrons can contribute to their local libraries:

  1. Have patrons donate their time, money, or expertise to your library.
  2. Highlight groups and clubs that meet at your library to increase participation.
  3. Develop and publish a "Wish List" of items your library needs (think Amazon Wish Lists).
  4. Ask donors to give a subscription to a popular magazine for the library.
  5. Encourage patrons to give the gift of a library card to a friend or loved one.
  6. Foster library programs by asking the volunteers to share their skills with the library community.
  7. Ask parents or adults to read stories to children or help with library visits.

Library Lovers' Month Reading Posters

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  1. Angela says:

    I love your Holiday Read posters, but could you send them out a week or two earlier (not the 1st of the month). I decorate my media center with the next holiday as soon as the previous one is done. Right now I have up all my St. Patrick decorations and have to use last year’s St. Patrick posters. Thanks for considering my request.

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