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Springtime Books for Library Patrons of All Ages!
March 6, 2018
Spring into Reading with Book-Inspired Posters
March 26, 2018
Think back to your childhood, what was your favorite book? Did your parents and teachers read to you, or did you enjoy reading on your own? What sparked your love of reading?

As a media specialist, you know how essential picture books are in sparking children’s first fascination with reading. When children read books, they get to meet new cultures, characters, and ideas. Reading builds vocabulary, literary language, enriches children’s knowledge of the world, opens minds, builds compassion, and inspires everyone!

International Children's Book Day

International Children’s Book Day will be celebrated on April 2nd this year. If we didn’t already have a good enough excuse to read children’s books, this day is for sure one! This year’s theme for International Children’s Book Day is “The Small is Big in a Book”. Children’s books are small, but they make big impacts. From critical thinking skills to developing empathy and acceptance, books give children the opportunity to become aware of their thoughts and allows them to explore the world.

We’ve gathered a collection of 23 books so you can celebrate International Children's Book Day at your library. Check them out and let us know if we are missing any books in the comments below!

23 Children's Books to Spark Children's love of Reading

Classic Children's Books

Check out these classic children's books that are as old as time.

Children's Books Most People Haven't Heard of...

Librarians and media specialists have come across thousands of books. But there might be one or two you haven't seen before!

Early Chapter Books

Chapter books for students 3rd grade and up.

Graphic Novels for Reluctant Readers

Encourage students to read books by providing graphic novels. They are the perfect combination of short paragraphs, pictures, and interesting characters.

Picture Books to Inspire Creativity and Innovation

If you have a makerspace culture in your library then these three books will be perfect additions to your collection!

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