Alexandria and our partners have teamed up to create a powerful platform that promotes library advocacy with bundled services that make your library the central hub of the learning experience.
Alexandria Builds A Better Learning Library
K-12 librarians trust Alexandria to manage their school libraries. Our student-targeted design is focused on making your library as accessible as possible.
ACCESS & Deliverability

Library Anywhere, Any Device

Alexandria Library anywhere—on any device, any browser. No apps. Alex ILS meets WCAG/ADA standards. Cloud-hosted, reader-focused interfaces reaches all users Unlimited User Licensing.



ENGAGEMENT & Discoverability

Catalog Analytics & Customizations

The best library system for K12 to Public to Collegiate learning, Alexandria enriches the patron experiences with a dynamic catalog: resources, integrated ebooks, explore panes, bulletins and curriculum links.



Partnerships & InTEGRATIONS

Connecting Students to Curriculum

Partnering with the best-in-class library solution providers who share our same mission, allows us to deliver a true one-size-fits-me library experience.



& Deliverability

Alexandria can be accessed on any device through any browser, without the need to download apps and is the only ILS to meet WCAG/ADA standards.


& Discoverability

Along with access to your library, we ensure that your collection completely captures and engages your students, teachers, and patrons!


& Integrations

We have partnered with the best-in-class library solution providers who share the same mission of promoting library advocacy, while allowing you to build and deliver a true one-size-fits-me library experience.


& Success

Alexandria provides free access to our online Support Center and our exclusive 24/7/365 live support is also available to anyone in your district!

Customize Your ALEX to Support Readers

Customize For Your School

K-12 librarians prefer Alexandria's platform because it makes library management easy.

Experience it for yourself.

Reach Readers Your Way

Help promote reading resources, integrate fun ways to browse: series, Lexile, genres, and more.

Experience it for yourself.

Curate a Library Learning Hub

Create the many ways readers and teachers interact with your library(ies). With ALEX, you create the navigational tools your readers and teachers need: like a whole series menu.

Experience this for yourself.

Create virtual dynamic shelving

ALEX hosts a browse feature that's a dream with forward-facing books! You can control this feature using your 655_Marc record as you process books. You can WOW your readers with our unique library software.

Experience this for yourself.

Create unlimited ways to interact with books

ALEX allows for you to create and share explore panes. You can boost connections and share resources with a single URL using our unique Explore Builder.

Experience this for yourself.

Create a Library Welcome Bulletin

ALEX helps you open up your library and really help learners delve in to all the books. You can create that space that incorporates the many ways to explore your libraries content: AR, Lexile, Genre, 3-Digit Dewey, Series, and place it on one dynamic bulletin that transforms into an online learning lab for readers!

Experience this for yourself.

Connect to Curriculum & Support Teachers

ALEX makes supporting your teachers easy. It's built right in to our ILS. You can connect and boost reading experiences by the book, by the resource, bring in eBooks, and share online learning activities using our OTHER tab.

Experience this for yourself. Search Stacy McAnulty.

Improve District Outcomes With Language Resources, Reporting, and Reading Analyses

Alexandria® Navigator is a NEW powerful search technology that elevates your search base to the next level!

  • Real-Time, full-text Searching
  • Metadata Independent
  • Local, Regional to Major International Databases
  • Source Agnostic Results
  • Includes ANY Open-Access Resource

Alexandria® Engagement+ enhances your measurement of all student online reading, learning, and engagement.

  • Collects Time Engaged
  • Tracks All Online Resources
  • Shows Reading Time & Level
  • Tracks Subjects & Topics
  • Easy Access SSO

Alexandria® CampusKEY provides your students and staff quick, one-click access to all learning applications and resources right from within Alexandria.

  • Personalized Alexandria SSO homepage
  • Embeddable in an LMS or district website
  • Powerful hierarchical usage analytics
  • Measurable impact on student outcomes
  • Flexible federated login credentials
  • Standards-based: SAML, OAuth, LTI

We Value Our Partners

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