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Although we celebrate holidays year-round, Halloween seems to kick-off the real ‘holiday season’. If you are getting bored with the same old dull routine, it’s time to shake things up. This year add a dash of spice to your typical holiday recipe with one of these unorthodox holidays.

National Men Make Dinner Day—November 5th

This day is dedicated to men who never cook (although men who enjoy cooking can celebrate too).

If you are always the one who cooks, take the night off and have your hubby, boyfriend, brother, or dad dish you up your favorite dinner. You deserve it!

Cook Something Bold Day—November 8th

Stuck in a rut eating bland, boring meals? Not today! Cook Something Bold Day means it’s time to break away from the ordinary. No typical take-out places or pizza delivery services for you—add some spice to a bold new dish you create on your own and enjoy!something bold

Forget-me-not Day—November 10th

This day isn’t meant to celebrate the flowers, it’s meant to celebrate love!

So reach out, give a call, send a letter, or get together with friends, family members, or anyone who might need a pick-me-up and say, “I just wanted to let you know . . . you are on my mind.”


World Kindness Day—November 13th

Want to feel more happy and beautiful? Today’s your day! Give a gift or perform a service that helps another and you will feel happy and more beautiful too. World Kindness Day is dedicated to celebrating those who have done great things for no other reason but to help mankind.

Random acts of kindness don’t need to be big—something as simple as asking family members if you can help with anything or paying a stranger a compliment is enough.

However big or small you choose to go, let the celebration of this day inspire you to give more love and kindness to those around you, everyday, and make the world a happier, more beautiful place to live.

Have a Bad Day Day—November 19th

However, as much as we would hope to live in a perfect, beautiful world all of the time, the ugly truth is . . . sometimes things just don’t go your way.

You know how it goes—you wake up late, you hit the worst traffic jam of the year, you run into doors, stub your toe, hit your funny bone, grow a zit, get a headache, catch a cold, fight with your spouse, lose your keys, get stuck in the rain, and ultimately cry yourself to sleep while the neighbor’s dog howls at the moon.

bad day

Yes, we have all been there—many times. The good news is, no matter how dire your circumstances are, you can always change your mind. In hindsight, most of the bad days and bad experiences make you laugh now, right?

It’s all a matter of perspective. You can even enjoy having a bad day if really you want to—after all, they can’t all be good ones. If bad days are going to happen at some point, you may as well enjoy them.

Let this day serve as a reminder that when the inevitable bad day happens upon you, how you choose to let it affect you is entirely up to you.

Stay Home Because You’re Really Well Day—November 30th

Tferris buellerhere is no rule that says you must reserve your paid time off for vacations or days when you are sick. Sometimes it’s okay to take a day off, just because you need one. If you are well and have nowhere to go and nothing to do, maybe take a day to just enjoy.

Sleep in, have a few cups of freshly brewed coffee, watch daytime TV, catch up on the book you are currently reading, and schedule a massage. Whatever you want to do to celebrate your state of well-being is your choice. It’s your day to celebrate you!

Festivus—December 23rd    

Festivus is not just a parody from the hit TV show Seinfeld, it is actually a secular holiday celebrated by those who do not enjoy taking part in the typical pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season.FestivusTshirt2

Originally conceived by scriptwriter Dan O’Keefe, the holiday’s celebration includes a Festivus dinner, ceremonial “Airing of Grievances” and “Feats of Strength”, and of course . . . the sole décor of an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole.

If you are need a break from Christmas this year, you aren’t alone—it’s Festivus for the rest of us.

Boxing Day—December 26th

No, this isn’t a day dedicated to gathering your friends to watch the big fight. This holiday started way back in the day, when servants and tradesmen would receive a Christmas box from their employers or bosses the day after Christmas.

Today, Boxing Day is celebrated differently around different parts of the world—some countries even use this day as an opportunity to celebrate a Second Christmas.

Whatever you choose to do is up to you. Maybe you will choose to celebrate it boxing up all of the stuff you got to take back to the store. Or maybe you will organize, store, or recycle all of the boxes you opened the day prior.


Since there really is no official protocol for celebrating this unique holiday, celebrate it however you best see fit.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season this year—no matter how you choose to celebrate it.

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