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January 3, 2017
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January 24, 2017

5 Accessories to Help with Your New Year’s Resolution

new year's resolution

The Gimble Traveler

This hands-free book holder is perfect for traveling as it is very light and compact. The Gimple Traveler makes it easy to turn pages and store. Read on the beach or at the park and hit your goal of book reading for the year!

Check it out here!

Invisible Book Shelf

How cool is this?! Imagine everyday being complimented for your stunning book shelf. Your attention will constantly be drawn to a grabbing book from this unique shelf to read.
Learn more here.

Book Rest Lamp

Have a fun place to rest your book next to your bed or couch. Follow the light to your book everyday This could be a fun gift for someone who thinks reading is boring.

Bathtub Reader Stand

Read the most comfortable way with this bamboo book and ebook reader. Imagine soaking in a hot bath with your favorite book of the year and a glass of wine.

Flexible Book Lamp

Read into the night wherever you are with this slick little clip-on book lamp. This user friendly book lamp is the perfect choice for night reading without disturbing anyone.

There you have it. The best way to keep a New Year’s resolution is to have a plan and the best tools. Find the right tools for you and read on for 2017.


  1. Paul Roberts says:

    You picked some really good options here. The book lamp and bathtub ready are awesome. I might have to get me one. I am definitely getting an invisible book shelf. have you tried it? It looks awesome 🙂

  2. Myra says:

    I’ve tried the invisible book shelves, I LOVE them. They are quite handy, and also fun of course 🙂

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