Your Search Without Limits

Alexandria® Navigator is a NEW powerful search technology that elevates your search base to the next level! Navigator is an economic tool that optimizes the integration of various e-resources in just one place! Better still, Navigator can be bundled into Alexandria's library management solution, or implemented as a stand-alone discovery interface.


Alexandria® Navigator uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a real-time, full-text search tool that integrates all your databases into a single discovery portal. Navigator queries are metadata independent and allow for unlimited keywords, providing the power for Navigator to aggregate information from the smallest to largest institutions around the globe.


➤ Alexandria® ➤ Subscribed Information Service
➤ Repositories ➤ Databases in Perpetuity
➤ Open Access ➤ Newspapers
➤ Magazines ➤ Journals
➤ Catalogs ➤ eBooks

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Wed, Feb 23, 2022 @ 2-2:30 PM CST

This 30-minute session will introduce Alexandria® Navigator with artificial intelligence (AI) that creates a real-time, full-text, metadata independent search tool that integrates all your databases into a single discovery portal.


Mobile Friendly
3rd Party API Compatibility
Remote Implementation
24/7 Live Support
Include ANY Open-Access Resource
Extensive Filtering
Customizable Interfaces
Maintenance Free

Artificial Intelligence

Alexandria® Navigator works without the need for metadata. There is no need for librarians or publishers to send metadata or any information to find up-to-date information. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to perform real-time, full-text querying of publications as they are made public, regardless of the size of the information service; whether it is a catalog, repository, open access or subscribed platform.

Usage Analytics

Alexandria® Navigator also tracks keyword searches, database usage, publisher relevance, resource category usage, and more... Giving you accurate metrics that show you how your information subscription services are serving your patrons.

Confidence in Results

Alexandria® Navigator does not represent any type of content. All queries are unbiased and maintain the same amount and order of results as the native platform. You can trust Navigator's results to be the most relevent, most up-to-date and the most useful, independent of the source.


  • Alexandria® Integration
  • Metadata Independent
  • No Keyword Limits
  • Real-Time Searching
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Simple, Remote Installation
  • Link Resolver
  • eBook A-to-Z Listings (FREE)
  • Journal A-to-Z Listings (FREE)
  • Publisher Agnostic Rankings
  • Includes Open Access Content
  • Remote IP Proxy, VPN Access
  • Real-time Usage Analytics
  • Morphological Analysis

Oh, the Places You Will Go!

Alexandria® Navigator can aggregate databases from local, regional to major international publishers. Our platform locates articles by searching full-text articles and metadata provided by the publisher in real time.

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