Mitinet Framework for Libraries

Manage your MARC records with ease.

The Mitinet does all the work of updating and cleaning your MARC records.

Do any of these situations describe you?

  • You have not cleaned your database before.
  • You are trying to standardize cataloging practices for your library, district, or consortium.
  • You are planning to merge multiple databases into one.
  • You need to make complex updates to specific fields.
  • You'd like to Genrefy your library.
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Why Mitinet and Alexandria?

Whether you want to update your database with new information or migrate records, Mitinet feature will allow you to clean up your MARC records so you'll spend less time looking for materials and more time making connections with your patrons.

From brief to full conversions on your entire database to record standardization, Mitinet will help you manage your MARC records with ease and build value in your collection.

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