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Are you getting the support you need from Follett?

Is Destiny providing you with the tools you need to keep your library relevant?

Are you tired of the clunkiness and what appears to be more dinosaur than modern day?

At Alexandria, we have been working around the clock for the past 30 years to build the best Integrated Library solution out there.

Here is a short list of how we can better support you, right now, and long into the future:
  • SIS and SSO Integrations with Clever and GG4L: Seamlessly integrate Alexandria with your student information system making patron management and access a breeze. Need to shift whole classes to a new site at graduation. It’s a one-click process. Need to shift a student from one homeroom to another. It’s simple.
  • Accessibility and Equitable Access: We've developed Alexandria to be responsive in design.  No Apps Needed!  You, your patrons, and your faculty may easily access your library anytime, anywhere, on any device. It’s easy. In a switch, you will amp up reading engagement with easier access to library material.
  • Patron interfaces that support learners of all ages:  Alexandria supports those who are just learning to read all the way up to those reading to learn.
  • Integrated Asset Management Module:  Help you track and distribute your assets.
  • Codeable Bulletin Boards and Codeable slideshows: Help patrons and teachers connect to programs and curriculum in a few codeable words and share.
  • Full access to your whole library: Customize your EXPLORE section, add event bulletins, and really boost your library circulation and discoverability.
  • Alexandria Campus Key: SSO portal for all your EdTech applications and databases helping you tell the story of who is using them, when they are being used the most, and what impact they are having on student outcomes.
  • Continued 24/7/365 live support to anyone in your district

Now through December 31st, we are allowing Destiny users to switch to Alexandria at the same price you are paying for your Destiny subscription.

Here are just a few advantages you'll have:

No apps needed. Access anytime, anywhere, on any device ✔︎
Fully integrated ebook partners (Gumdrop, Mackin Via, Overdrive, Capstone, Axis 360 + more) ✔︎
Completely WCAG/ADA compliant software ✔︎
SIS and Student Management Integrations (One Roster® Compliant) ✔︎
Integrated Textbook & Asset Management System ✔︎
Federated Single-Sign-On (including Active Directory, AD FS, G Suite, LMS or SIS systems, etc. with GG4L) ✔︎
Integrated MARC record discoverability enhancement & automation ✔︎
Interfaces to support patrons of all ages ✔︎
Self-Check Out options, including Off-Line Mode ✔︎
24/7-365 Live Help Desk ✔︎ Business Hours
Unlimited Support Users ✔︎

For a comprehensive breakdown of the differences, download our whitepaper.