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Maximize the value of your collection with exclusive MARC record management integration powered by Mitinet®!

With up-to-date, accurate metadata for better discoverability, you’ll increase circulation and extend the value of your library’s collection. Mitinet® sets the standard in metadata management. Alexandria® is the ONLY library management system with native integration with Mitinet's best-in-class online MARC management systems, making processing and maintaining your MARC records fast, easy and convenient.

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Mitinet™ BestMARC integration with Alexandria is available in two subscription levels to help you to manage your MARC records.
Free* BestMARC

MARC Record Editor


MARC Tips, Examples, & Errors

Includes context-sensitive links to LOC and RDA Toolkit documentation

Built-in Record Templates


User-Created Record Templates


Record Source


Search More Servers



Side-by-Side comparisons of changes

Record Enhancements

Award notes, Convert to RDA, Reading Programs, Record Repair, Subject Headings

Lists & Selections

Focus on smaller groups of records

Global Editing

Create and save powerful instructions to make batch changes to your databases


Combine Enhancements and Global Edits sequentially for easy processing


* Free BestMARC Standard offer is only available for first time subscribers. New subscribers will receive BestMARC Standard free as long as you remain subscribed to Alexandria and will renew yearly.