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A way to spread the love of reading

We know you want to do more than checking books in and out. You want to help people fall in love with reading.

That is why we created an elegant, beautifully designed, and easy to use platform that empowers Librarians with the tools to manage and promote their libraries.  You will find while using Alexandria Library Software that you can do so much more than basic tasks when managing your library.

Alexandria has been serving libraries for more than 25 years and is trusted by over 10,000 libraries. We consistently make our product better year after year to help librarians keep up with changing technologies. Everyone involved in your library from IT Staff, District Librarians, Superintendents, and the Executive Board will love what Alexandria has in store. Don’t wait. Start exploring the possibilities today. 

Alexandria Features

Web Based

Easy to Use

Useful Reports

Low Maintenance

24/7 Support

Your Library and Alexandria


More than 10,000 K12 Librarians trust Alexandria to manage their school libraries. Our student-targeted design is focused on making your library as accessible as possible.



No matter the size of your community library, Alexandria can manage and help promote all your resources. Integrate security, payments, and more.



Manage all your assets including specific department libraries. By using Alexandria, you can standardize your library management system campus wide.



Because Alexandria is adaptable, alternative libraries such as those at correctional facilities, personal collections, and religious institutions use our library software.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Alexandria has so many tools available to help users, including Tip of the Week, Newsletters, Video Tutorials, their Wiki and of course, their awesome technical support. Features built in to make Researcher more user-friendly are also highlights of the program. Student Reviews, Lists, Bulletin Boards along with Explore Buttons are some of my favorites!”
Karla Barkman, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
“Alexandria has proven to be a real time saver in my library operation. I utilize it not only to check in and out material, but also to organize the collections, search for materials for research or help in purchasing, print out numerous reports for myself and the state, and the list goes on. It has helped to make our library user friendly and efficient for both students and faculty. Not only is the program great, but the Alexandria staff is too. They have been more than helpful when called. And, now I’m beginning to utilize the ‘Tip of the Week’ located on their website. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
Linda Thompson, Benton High School
“Thank You COMPanion! I just need to let you know that your company has been of great value over the years to myself and our elementary library. There is someone always available to answer my questions about the Alexandria System. I never have to wait! When ordering supplies, they always arrive promptly. And if there is a problem with the order, COMPanion is always ready to make it right. I do appreciate doing business with a company that backs their services and products. Thank you again.”
Molly Dittoe, Berne Union Elementary
“Alexandria is the best library automation system available for under $10,000. It is the perfect solution for our small, rural public library, and we looked at SEVERAL systems with much higher price tags. It is technically very easy to install and manage and very easy for non-technical staff to operate. It is cross-platform, and with the built-in Web server it is a breeze to get an online public access catalog up and running quickly. It has so many features that we haven’t even used yet, but it will be hard for us to ‘outgrow’ this system. COMPanion Corporation is very
receptive to user input and places great importance on customer service.”
Jackie Pomeroy, New Waverly Public Library
“I have had very positive and quick response when I have called tech support. The newsletter keeps me updated with what is new.”
Jill Gann, Kenai Central High School
Everyone in tech support is so knowledgeable, helpful and patient. Their assistance is invaluable and greatly appreciated!”
Arna Schwartz, Pressman Academy Library
“Jenn was especially kind, clear and helpful with her directions today. I appreciate how hard it must be to give directions over the phone to people that on the other end who are used to operating the system, but not the technical aspects.”
Shadowlawn Middle School
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