Trading Up to Alexandria Just Got Even More Rewarding!

This year "Back to School" has been anything but predictable, but you can always depend on our dedication and commitment to empowering educators and inspiring students! We're always here, diligently perfecting Alexandria to provide the best library experience possible.

The latest iteration of Alexandria 7 has a flexible new interface that strips away unnecessary steps to create worry-free and intuitive processes. It includes many new features that allow you to manage, share, and interact with your catalog in innovative new ways, such as Library Usage Module (to track usage of your library beyond circulation statistics), and a highly-requested, integrated Textbook and Asset Management Module to name a few. We're so excited to share the results of our labor with you, that we're making the decision to Trade-Up to Alexandria 7 even easier!

Now through March 31, 2021 qualifying customers can get Alexandria 7 for the same price they are paying for their current Library Software.

Increase Patron Engagement

Make it easier to match readers with books, creating a platform for sharing and interaction, and with customizable elements that make the interface more inviting.

Reduce IT Requirements

Allow us to manage all of your data - no more manual back-ups, and updates installed as soon as they're released. Plus calls to our support center go even more smoothly when our team has access to your database.

Leverage Your Resources

Connect multiple platforms together to share curriculum assets and student data, making it much easier to provide recommendations tailored to specific students.

Manage Your Assets

Minimize cost by streamlining your textbook and asset management process with the Textbook Tracker module of Alexandria 7.

Discover all the innovative new changes we've made
to Alexandria 7 that will make your library limitless.

It's So Easy to Switch.

We understand that change can sometimes be daunting - so we’ve made the transition as painless as possible. We've done so many conversions recently, that we've got it down to a science and we'll be with you every step of the way. We also provide live webinars, available to anyone on your staff, to help you get acquainted with Alexandria 7’s innovative, new interface. Not to mention, tons of videos and other resources to help you along the way, and if you still have questions, our 24/7 industry-leading live tech support is here for you.

Still have questions? Download the buyer's guide.

We put together this handy ebook to help you understand what to expect. It breaks down all the major differences between Alexandria 7 and previous versions: new features, where things are located, how things are done, and the overall process of switching. It's all here for you to reference or even print out and share with other stakeholders.