Make Textbook Circulation a Breeze

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Available from January to May take 20% off your initial purchase of Textbook Tracker for all v7 Alexandria Customers.

Manage Textbooks and Other Assets

Not only are textbooks and other assets one of the biggest expenses a district has, but there is a very real cost associated with managing this inventory once it has been acquired. In our 30+ years in the edtech industry, we have helped thousands of schools and districts minimize this cost by streamlining their textbook and asset management process.

Manage textbooks just how you want.

We're all about options−whether you prefer a Centralized or Distributed Inventory, Self Hosting or Textbook Tracker-managed Cloud Hosting, we'll make it as simple as possible to manage your assets your way in no time at all.

Any browser on any device, without the need for apps.

Textbook Tracker is a fully web-based software solution, and it’s all about working efficiently. Instead of using one app to circulate and one app to run reports, now you have the convenience of everything you need in one place, accessible on any internet-ready device.

It's all up to you.

Whether you need information on the fly or want to set up a structured schedule, you make the call when it comes to reports. Now you can have reports when you want them, not when it's convenient for your system. After all, asset software is supposed to be all about automation.

Put Money Back into Your Budget


24/7 live customer support: any time, any topic, any person.


Any browser on any device, without the need for apps.


Personalize your library from set-up to interface to record content.


With cloud hosting, you don't have to lift a finger to get the latest features.

Textbook Tracker is availabe as part of the Alexandria Library Family.

Learn how you can put money back into your budget using Textbook Tracker alongside your Alexandria Library Software.