Your school library has been selected for the opportunity to participate in the Library Management Software pilot.
This pilot will provide data to guide the New York City School Library System’s efforts in improving library services for all students and advocating for the importance of school library programs. Along with the opportunity to experience this modern library automation solution, you, your patrons, and your library will also receive:

  • NO-COST to Participate in Alexandria® Software Pilot
  • Free Data Cleanup and Enhancement of existing MARC records
  • Free Books for Your Collection
  • Unlimited 24/7 Live Support

At COMPanion (Alexandria Library Software), library advocacy is very important to us. We support the Library Bill of Rights, and understand that advocating for student privacy is one of the core values of our profession. We will continue working with librarians to ensure our products reflect our support for intellectual freedom and student privacy.


Alexandria is the HEART of your Library

We advocate for libraries as the hub and heart of your school by consistently improving the experience of our users and your students. With a unique family of solutions, Alexandria empowers librarians to have a positive impact, while streamlining daily tasks, improving discoverability and access, increasing circulation and measuring return on investment!

Your Library. Without Limits.

Your Library Without Limits – NYCDOE


Cloud-hosted, WCAG-2 compliant, reader-focused interfaces reaches all users on all devices over any Internet connection!

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  • Device-Responsive Interfaces
  • ADA/WCAG-2 Compliant
  • Interfaces to Engage Learners of ALL Ages
  • Available Over ANY Connection
  • Unlimited User Licensing

Your Library Without Limits – NYCDOE


through unlimited metadata enhancement with our exclusive integration with Mitinet's BestMARC.

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  • Mitinet SuperbMARC Included with ALL eBook Subscriptions
  • Mitinet BestMARC Exclusive Alexandria Integration
  • Unlimited MARC Record Enhancements
  • Extend the Life of Your Collection
  • Improve Discoverability & Circulation

Hello! I'm your Virtual Librarian.

Our commitment to library advocacy and student success now goes beyond our 24/7/365 Live Support. Our "Virtual Librarian" is actually REAL librarians, available to meet with you virtually to enhance your skills, knowledge and abilities with Alexandria. Learn how to create patron experiences without limits: engaging readers, supporting teachers, improving searchability, expanding access, and more!

Here are some powerful and FUN sessions ready for you!

Learn to use our interactive digital tools to highlight titles, resources & links

Alexandria has been awarded a Platinum distinction in the 2022 Modern Library Awards program!

The Modern Library Awards is an annual program that recognizes excellence in products and services for libraries. Evaluations are done by approximately 80,000 librarians who serve in public, academic, K12, and special libraries across North America. Ratings are based on a scale of 1-10, the highest honor being Platinum (score of 8 or higher).


24/7 Live Support

Any person in your organization, any time, any topic.

From the get-go, we are committed to your success with Alexandria! Whether it's a quick, easy question or a complicated jam you've found yourself in, we're here for you. We'll even utilize remote access to delve into your issue and ensure your library is running at full capacity.

Our comprehensive customer support includes:

  • 24/7 toll free live customer support
  • Online resources & videos
  • Message Center & email support
  • Full-access for your entire organization
  • Monthly releases, updates & upgrades