eBook Subscriptions Just Got Better

Alexandria has partnered with industry-leading ebook distributors Lightbox and AV2 giving your patrons access to tens of thousands of English, Spanish, and bilingual eBooks from the Pre-K to 12th grade levels directly in Alexandria. All eBooks are Unlimited Simultaneous Access (USA) and come with free Mitinet Superb MARCâ„¢ records. These MARC records are unique to Alexandria and promote library advocacy by enhancing the discoverability and accessibility of these ebooks through Alexandria remotely and onsite.

Adding ebook integration to your Alexandria you'll see benefits such as:

  • Integrate and assign materials in any Learning Management Software (LMS), like Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology and more.
  • View and report real-time on which ebooks your patrons have checked out.
  • Choose the ebook vendors of your choice.

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    Lightbox is an all-inclusive digital solution for the teaching and learning of curriculum topics in an original, groundbreaking way. Lightbox is based on National Curriculum Standards.


    • All K-2 titles feature full audio with professional narrators.
    • Every spread comes with digital features that are age and grade appropriate
    • Digital resources are conveniently located and integrated into the text
    • All Lightbox activities can be downloaded, printed, or filled out online
    • Every Lightbox title features 2 to 4 high definition video clips to enhance learning

    AV2 World Languages features only the highest-quality titles. Each title in this revolutionary platform features clean, easy-to-read layouts and captivating full-screen images designed for maximum readability and eye-catching.


    • Text and audio in all languages
    • Titles include up to 96 English sight words
    • Nonfiction titles align with classroom curriculum
    • Easy-to-read layouts and captivating full-screen images
    • Interactive interface supports parent and teacher involvement
    • Easily toggle between 12 languages
    • Lifetime ownership of eBooks

    An exciting fusion of print, video, and audio featuring the innovative Optic Readalong. EyeDiscover is designed to inspire and motivate children at the Kindergarten to Grade 2 levels in a fresh new way.


    • Each title is packed with special features designed for reluctant readers
    • Professional narrators read the books aloud, allowing beginning readers to listen at their own pace.
    • High-resolution videos turn each spread into an optic read-along
    • Optimized for iPads, tablets, whiteboards, computers, and much more

    AV2 is designed to inspire young readers by featuring professional narrators and real sound effects using the highest quality audio. Built-in digital features allow readers to dive even deeper into a topic through weblinks, videos, activities, slide


    • Readers can quickly find their desired resources in each title using the digital resources toolbar
    • Quizzes and key word activities can be completed online or printed out for classroom use
    • Easy-to-navigate table of contents shows pages that contain interactive element icons
    • When users click on Read to Me, the story is read to them and pages are turned automatically
    • Every sentence is highlighted as it is read aloud.

    With Lightbox and AV2, your library collection is truly limitless! Captivate your young patrons like never before and inspire them to love learning. Expanding your library is simply a click away!