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October 20, 2022
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February 7, 2023

Innovate & Create—Customize Your Alexandria ILS

Showcase Limitless Resources

The first, most important part of a library is to select a media program for ease-of-use—and how it works to meet the life of the librarian easier—and more effective. With Alexandria, a school can boost reading by customizing your ILS to support your reading goals.

ALEX OPAC SEARCH: Our SEARCH feature connects directly to your 650_MARC Records. What terms are included here will be searchable, along with title words and call numbers. As you process books into the library, it’s easy and important to review these and make certain the book is being well represented in any search. In ALEX, you can toggle to your Marc Records at any time by hitting Command-M. You can search by Medium, Genre, or Smart Search. Plus, you can add on 32 extra linkable resources (on into to limitless resources) your district or library uses often embracing customization.

Communicate with Readers

Communication with readers it a top priority in the K-12 library. ALEX makes it way-easy to communicating by the slide, by the book, by the bulletin, by the email, tech link, or Kid Scout, to inspire patrons to read, read, read. At ALEX, we encourage you to live your best library life.

Awesome Add-ons

Collaborations lead to some of the most remarkable solutions, like Alexandria's Navigator. If you are a district with a large segment of language earners, the ability to have students instantly read resources in dual language mode at a click of a button is huge. If you have a ibrary in need of cleaning up, the ability to analyze the MARC records with a FREE data analysis helps. And if you happen to be a school that uses or is switching to eBooks, leaning into them more, then knowing you can readily integrate into Alexandria is perfect.

Alexandria's Virtual Librarian Coaching

Alexandria is a limiteless ILS. It has been created to allow for the most fluidity and customization available today. As the librarian, you can connect teachers to curriculum (Other button and links and so much more), promote reading using bulletin boards (creating challenges and events), and create a plethera of Explore pane sharable resources (coding, tech tools, best of the best books—as infinite as your imagination. But we are also here to help. If you'd like more information on customization or register for a session, please visit our Alexandria Virtua Librarian page.

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