CSLA Virtual Conference: Your Library Without Limits

Meet Your Presenter
Isaac Brown is a sales executive for Alexandria. Isaac started as a trainer and worked his way up to where he is now. If you have any questions about the software, add-ons, or special deals, Isaac is the guy to talk to!

Schedule a 15 minute meeting or contact him at
(801) 365-0572 • ibrown@goalexandria.com

Maximize Your Library's Impact

Studies show that a strong library program directly improves student outcomes, yet libraries continue to deal with budget cuts and limited personnel resources. Administrators and librarians are challenged to re-evaluate their library management solutions to maximize the impact and extend the value of this crucial investment.
During this session, you’ll learn how Alexandria puts more time in your hands to focus on what’s important… making an impact with students and staff. Alexandria works for you – not against you; connecting students to curriculum, automating and streamlining daily tasks, and increasing your circulation and improving discoverability with partner integrations like BestMARC®, maximizing your investment, access, and time.

Snag a Bag!

Schedule a quick 15 minute meeting and we'll send you some of our famous book tote bags. Don't hesitate to ask us about anything... whether about switching, upgrading, getting grants, or even suggestions you have for us! We're all ears.

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We take care of the hard part.

Librarians sometimes stay with software that doesn’t satisfy all of their needs because the idea of switching seems too daunting. At Alexandria, we’ve made the process as simple as possible:

· You can use the barcodes you already have in place, so there’s no need to redo your entire collection with specialized labels.

· Our 24/7 customer support team will handle all of your data conversion. You don’t have to worry about losing your titles, copies, or barcodes in the transition.

· Don’t stress about long periods of scheduled downtime – you’ll be back up and running in no time.

Alexandria is effortless to set up, intuitive, and easy to use.

We are dedicated to providing you and your library the tools to focus on what's most important.


24/7 live customer support: any time, any topic, any person.


Any browser on any device, without the need for apps.


Personalize your library from set-up to interface to record content.


Run reports on the fly, or set a calendar. We work around your schedule.

It's not just a library−it's their future.

Give students the technology they need to succeed. Alexandria Library Automation Software has been trusted by libraries across the globe for almost 30 years, and there’s a reason why – a simple platform that fits any budget, empowers librarians, and inspires patrons.