Thank you to everyone who joined us at this year's AASL Conference!

We had such a blast spending time with you all in Salt Lake City, our hometown! Considering everything that's been going on the last couple of years, it was great to finally be able to safely see our customers in person again. To recap, we were able to show you our Limitless Library Bundle, a sneak peek at our new interface, and a special guest, Angie Hale, who spoke about Alexandria's Library Advocacy!


Alexandria® Library Automation builds and promotes library advocacy, making your library the heart of the learning experience by focusing on 4 key areas: Equitable Access, Discoverability & Engagement, 3rd-Party Integrations, and Adoption & Support. These bundled solutions put more resources in your students' hands, delivers a true "one-size-fits-me experience", increases engagement and circulation, and puts more time in your hands to focus on what matters most... IMPROVING STUDENT OUTCOMES.

Did you join us virtually? Great news! Swag bags are on their way!

Register for an exclusive "Libraries Without Limits - Your Answer to Library Advocacy!" Webinar!

Wed, Nov 16, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM MST

This 45-minute session will feature the “Limitless Library Bundle” in action, and show how you can increase staff, student, and patron engagement, collection discoverability, one-click access to digital content and increase your circulation reporting, all through a single platform.
All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance!


We're giving you a single-purchasing-source to streamline your procurement process, and opening up your library to LIMITLESS access, engagement, discoverability and success!

Sharing the common goals of innovating EdTech and facilitating the evolution of learning, we came together to each contribute a vital piece of the puzzle. Our Limitless Library Bundles provide your school & district a learning experience centered around your library for one low price!

Limitless Library Data Enhancement Bundle

The powerful synergy of Alexandria, Mitinet, and Clever or GG4L SIS integration all together for one low price!
Download the whitepaper here

alexandria library automation software


with Alexandria's cloud-hosted, WCAG-2 compliant, reader-focused interfaces reaches all users on all devices over any Internet connection!
  • Device-Responsive Interfaces
  • ADA/WCAG-2 Compliant
  • Interfaces to Engage Learners of ALL Ages
  • Available Over ANY Connection
  • Unlimited User Licensing



through unlimited metadata enhancement with our exclusive integration with Mitinet's BestMARC
  • Mitinet SuperbMARC Included with ALL eBook Subscriptions
  • Mitinet BestMARC Exclusive Alexandria Integration
  • Unlimited MARC Record Enhancements
  • Extend the Life of Your Collection
  • Improve Discoverability & Circulation



with GG4L's or Clever's seamless integration with your SIS (Student Information System)
  • Certified OneRoster® Compliant Product
  • Industry-Leading Privacy & Security
  • Automate Patron Management
  • Automate Password Management
  • Single-Sign-On for Students & Parents w/ GG4L

Limitless Library Collection Enrichment Bundle

Includes the Data Enhancement bundle and an annual $1,000 voucher for any products and services offered by Gumdrop Books!
Download the whitepaper here



from Gumdrop Books' endless "Unlimited-Simultaneous-Access" collection of eBooks, digital resources and hardcover books.
  • Add Newest Releases to Your Collection EACH YEAR
  • Library-Bound Books Backed by Replacement Guarantee
  • ALL Titles are Unlimited Simultaneous Access (USA)
  • Digital Curriculum-Support Subscriptions Available
    (Lightbox, AV², World Languages, etc…)
  • Includes Classroom Paperback Library Materials
  • 100’s of Publishers to Choose From and Much More!

Alexandria® Navigator is a NEW powerful search technology!

Navigator queries are metadata independent and allow for unlimited keywords, providing the power for Navigator to aggregate information from the smallest to largest institutions around the globe!
Download the whitepaper here



Alexandria® Navigator uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a real-time, full-text search tool that integrates all your databases into a single discovery portal!
  • Real-Time, full-text Searching
  • Metadata Independent
  • Local, Regional to Major International Databases
  • Source Agnostic Results
  • Includes ANY Open-Access Resource


24/7 Live Support

Any person in your organization, any time, any topic.

From the get-go, we are committed to your success with Alexandria! Whether it's a quick, easy question or a complicated jam you've found yourself in, we're here for you. We'll even utilize remote access to delve into your issue and ensure your library is running at full capacity.

Our comprehensive customer support includes:

  • 24/7 toll free live customer support
  • Online resources and videos
  • Message Center and email support
  • Full-access for your entire organization
  • Monthly releases, updates, and upgrades