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- NOTE -
Alert Note.png Sneak Peek is an optional feature of Alexandria.

If you are interested in Sneak Peek integration, contact your COMPanion sales representative
at (800) 347-6439 and inquire about obtaining Sneak Peek product codes.

Once this feature has been activated, Sneak Peek settings will be available in your Extras preferences.

Sneak Peek.

Sneak Peek

If you have licensed use of Sneak Peek, click on the associated icon in the Search Add-Ons section of the System Preferences window. The preference settings in the Sneak Peek tab determine whether or not you are allowed to search this additional resource.
Do your patrons have access to cover images, summaries, and reviews for all the titles in your collection?
Alexandria's Sneak Peek offers a wealth of descriptive information and cover images relating to all types of books—from juvenile chapter books to conference proceedings. Sneak Peek allows your patrons to enjoy title reviews written by trusted publications (including School Library Journal, Booklist, and Library Journal), title summaries (to skim before check out), and cover art images. Hyperlinks in the Search interface will connect your patrons to these enhancement resources—all displayed within your default web browser.
With Sneak Peek, you’ll have access to more than 5.3 million ISBNs with associated data elements—with new content being added or updated on a weekly basis.

This is the Preferences -> Management -> Extras -> Sneak Peek tab.

    Preferences and Tools tab

    • Enable Sneak Peek—Checking this box enables Sneak Peek functionality and interface elements. Default is checked.
    • Vendor URL—This field is used mainly for reference; although, it can be updated if Syndetics ever changes their web addresses.
      The default is:[1].
    • Sneak Peek Code—In this field, enter the code that activates Sneak Peek. This code will be made available to you after you have registered your subscription to Sneak Peek.

    Enabling SAFARI Montage provides its selection in the Vendors menu.

    Icon Location

    The Sneak Peek icon will be located in the bottom left hand corner of a completed Search window.

    Sneak peek location.png

    Contact tab

    Under the Contact tab, you may fill out contact information for your ProQuest Syndetic Solutions representative.

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Notes, Footnotes, and/or References

  1. Keep in mind, this address is maintained by ProQuest Syndetic Solutions and may be indiscriminately changed on their end at any time. If you find this link broken or out-of-date, please contact COMPanion's Customer Support at (800) 347-4942 or (801) 943-7277 or by email